My camerapaedia: Brownie six-20 model E


620-format box camera with a 100mm meniscus lens with f/11. These brownies are apparently very collectible, so there’s loads of information out there on the internet that I’m not going to repeat all. Judging from the particular markings and knobs, mine was made between 1953 and 1957. It’s got a built in slider with a yellow filter, and another slider with a portrait lens. There´s a ´lock´ button, and a B-setting. The two viewfinders are a bit bulbous, pretty clear, but a bit prone to reflections. Not the most easy viewfinder to make a composition.


Queens day flea market.

It took me a while to actually test this one. It takes 620 films, so you need to re-spool some 120 film to the proper spool. And it you don’t have two spools, you have to cut a 120 spool down to the right size first. So that took a while (though I did load it with 35 mm film before).
Now that I’ve tested it, I can say it’s a nice addition to the collection. It takes rather soft, dreamy pictures, quite different from my other box (the Balda Poka) I think. The shutter lock is a bit loose, after taking a picture, it tends to slide down into the locked setting all by itself.

The leather hand strap had snapped on my camera, so I replaced it with a bit of string until I get around to making a proper leather strap again.

Credits: stratski

written by stratski on 2013-02-20

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  1. bailey65
    bailey65 ·

    I'm a bit of a nut for old stuff too. I keep trying to take the cure and sell some only to buy others. Going for the maddest designs at the moment. The DuoFlex is a nice architectural design. Could see it blown up to 5 storeys and built.