My camerapaedia: Agfamatic 2008 tele pocket sensor

Credits: stratski

A charming little 110 camera with two shutter speeds: 1/50 (cloudy) en 1/100 (sunny); 26mm and 43mm lenses, f 11; and Flipflash flash connector.


Thrift store (€1,50).

It’s a bit of a mouthfull: Agfamatic 2008 tele pocket sensor, meainig it’s an Agfamatic pocket camera, model 2008, with tele function and sensor release button. I prefer the German name for this type: Ritsch-Ratsch-Kamera. Says it all, really.

Last year, at the introduction of Orca- and Tiger films and all the Baby camera’s, I promised myself I wouldn’t get caught up in the 110-craze. But you know how it goes, I visited a flea market, saw a cheap 110-camera with a roll still in it, got it anyway, discovered the camera didn’t work properly, ran into another one at the local thrift store, and before I knew it, I had ordered some 110-film and was click-clacking away with the Agfamatic 2008…

This camera is a lot of fun. There is something very satisfying about the sound when you advance the film by pushing the halves of the camera together. The tele lens is pretty good, and everything just works very smoothly. On top of that, the camera looks good as well. No cheap plastic look, but smooth aluminium and a slick faux-leather case.

My biggest concern with 110-film was the processing. I do all my processing at home, but I don’t have a 110 film spool, and I’m not looking to expand my amount of film junk any further. And the lomo processing service is undoubtly very good, but I find it a tad expensive as well. So I messed around a bit with the old roll I found in that first camera I got, experimented with taping it loosely to the 35mm film spool to develop it, and, lo and behold! it actually worked. No proper spool needed. So I took the chance and trew the Agfamatic roll into a developing can as well.

The results are moderately pleasing. They’re a bit low-fi and grainy, but the colors are nice and saturated. Next time – because yes, there will be a next time, I have gone over to the dark side – I’ll try shooting some more exiting subjects.

Credits: stratski

written by stratski on 2013-01-18


  1. maaikel
    maaikel ·

    Net m'n eerste rolletje volgeschoten op m'n Minolta Weathermatic 110, ook een lekker gek ding zo even het rolletje weg brengen.

  2. clickiemcpete
    clickiemcpete ·

    Hehe, she falls for the seductive charms of the pocket's a slippery slope! :D