My camerapaedia: Spinner 360°

Credits: stratski

A 360° panorama camera. The whole camera makes a full turn on a grip. Aperture: f/8 and f/16, shutterspeed: between 1/125s and 1/250s, but you can slow this manually.

Since 2011.

I bought it.

I was a bit negative about the Colorsplash in my previous blog post, so let’s make up for that.

The Spinner 360° is a lot of fun. I didn’t think much of it at first, but eventually I bought one anyway on a whim (and a lot of Piggies). A good decision, since it’s a brilliant toy. The spinning top is fun, and the pictures it produces are wonderful. The regular pics are cool, and so are the vertical panorama’s. The pictures look good in both color and black and white. Redscale tends to be a bit too slow I think, my pictures turned out rather unexposed.

A funny mechanical thing is that the camera doen’t have an actual shutter. The camera is constantly open, so to speak. When you pull the chord and it spins, it winds the film in the same movement as taking the picture, so there’s noo need for a shutter. Pictures are devided by overexposed strips, in stead of the usual unexposed strips. This is why it’s important to switch to R before rewinding, since if you forget this, light will fall on you negatives again and you’ll ruin your film. I heven’t forgotten this yet, but I have forgotten to switch the aperture back from R to eiter sunny or cloudy… I wasted half a roll of film (not to menstion some potentially awesome shots ofcourse). A mistake I won’t make again…

You can pull the string to take a picture, or spin the camera by hand for slower shutter speeds. By hand works well inside, when the automatic setting is too fast, and leads to underexposed pictures. You can spin much slower by hand, thus getting enough light on your picture.
In theory you can make a so called time scan by holding the camera body and letting the handle spin. That hasn’t worked for me so far, all I get are blurry stripes on my negatives. More experiments are needed, I guess.

I will definitely be taking this camera on a lot of hikes, dispite the fact that the large, irregular shape is extremely clumsy in a backpack. It’s just too much fun to leave at home.

Apart from the shap and size, the only disadvantage is that you’re in the picture yourself, most of the times (unless you hold the camera over your head or something). You may be confronted with your own silly face when taking a picture…

Credits: stratski

written by stratski on 2012-12-04

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  1. clickiemcpete
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    Yes, but your face isn't silly! Great review. :)