Resolutions recap


Making New Years Resolutions is easy. Keeping those resolutions, now that’s something else. Looking back on my resolutions for 2012, I’m fairly happy. I actually managed to keep to most of them! Let’s walk trough them:

1. Get better at home developing.
Weeeelllll. Yes and no. I’ve developed scores of pictures, thsi year. Most of them were pretty good, some of them went horribly wrong. A few went wrong, but still looked good. There’s still lots of room for improvement, but on the whole, I’m not unhappy.

Processing error that still looks good.

2. Try out more new films. Get a red filter to try out that infrared film that has been sitting in my fridge for months now.
Done, and done. Trying out different kinds of film is a lot of fun. Trying different types of slide film has an obvious attraction, but it’s very interesting to find the differences between types and brands of color negative film as well.

Aerochrome, Fuji Provia 400, Kodak Gold 400, Fuji Provia 100, Kodak Elitechrome 100, Fotoland AS color 200.

3. Plan ahead. Think for special events: what camera, what film?
Sure. Sort of. Most of the time, I thought ahead and decided beforehand what film and cameras to take, allthough I still changed my mind at the last minute sometimes.

4. Make pinhole photo’s work.
Yes, I think I’ve gor the hang of them now. More or less.

Credits: stratski

5. Make a solargraph.
Yes! I’ve made a few, and some of them turned out pretty good. I’m definitely trying this again.

Credits: stratski

6. Buy a Diana mini.
Done! I love it. It’s already seen quite something of the world. It takes a bit of getting used to, but I love the low-fo pictures it produces, and the possibilities of endless panoramas and splitzers and whatnot.

Credits: stratski

7. Buy a sprocket rocket. Panorama’s!
Nope. I changed my mind and bought a Spinner 360° instead. I haven’t regretted it, the Spinner is wonderful.

Credits: stratski

8. Fix the advance wheel on my Kodak Duaflex.
In 2013, I swear!

9. Respool more film, and try out my Brownie box.
Yes. In the last week of 2012, I finally tried the Brownie. I like it (even though I kind of botched the developing).

Credits: stratski

10. Experiment more with cross processing.
I’ve crossed a lot, and while it’s still a bit of a hit and miss process, I think I’m slowly getting the hang of it a little bit more. Lots of light seems to be a good starting point for me.

Credits: stratski

On the whole, it has been a fairly productive year for me. Apart from these resolutions, I’ve had some other ‘milestones’ as well.

  • I bought a Holga. After years of doubting, I git one. I’m very happy with it and look forward to more experimenting.
Credits: stratski
  • My resistance was futile: I got swept up in the 110 craze. I’m still looking into home developing these awful, tine strips of negatives, but the first results are promising.
Credits: stratski
  • I gathered all my photographic writings and put them on a newly created website, improving my webdesing skills at the same time.

And finally, some new resolutions to look back at in 2014:

1. That Duaflex thing again…

2. More camera hacks. I modified a disposable camera, and I like it. So I’m going to do that again. And make a two-way camera that can shoot both sides of the film at the same time. And a new pinhole camera. (Or are these 3 separate resolutions?)

Credits: stratski

3. Experiment more with doubles. I’ve never gotten the hang of them, but practice makes perfect! Or at least less crappy.

4. Decide wether I want the Belair, or the Horizon (well, I WANT both, but you know, money. And I already feel guilty for owning a ridiculous amount of camera’s.)

5. Make an anthotype. That’s a photographic print using home made chemicals from plants. Or even entire pant leaves as photo sensitive paper.

6. Figure out a way to try my Kodak instamatic without instamatic film.

7. Build a slit scan camera (like the Spinner, but different).

8. Try to get my Polaroid working again (it’s a model the Impossible Project doesn’t make film for). I saw a hack on so you can use Fuji instant film in it.

written by stratski on 2012-12-01


  1. carsten-schmitt
    carsten-schmitt ·

    Do you develop colour as well?

  2. lavale1974
    lavale1974 ·

    compliment for this post :-))

  3. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    Sounds like an excellent year to me! Long may the adventure continue...!