My camerapaedia: Seconic auto-lumi

Credits: stratski

Not a camera, but a hand held light meter. It’s got a selenium cell, 65° angle, ISO range from 6 to 12000, EV-scale from -1 to 19, f-stop range from 1 to 32 and shutter speed range from 8s to 1/2000.

1963 – 1978

It belonged to my dad, who gave it to me.

This is such a lovely little tool. It’s very easy to use. Just turn the inside wheel to the right iso, point the selenium cell towards what you want to photograph, and turn the outside wheel until the green circle falls over the red needle. You can then read off the possible aperture-shutter speed-combinations. No battery needed (as long as you keep it dry, I’ve heard selenium doesn’t do well with moisture). Since I always forget to change the batteries of my in-camera light meters, this is always handy when I don’t want to just guesstimate exposure times.

Here’s some pictures I took after a reading off my seconic.

Credits: stratski

written by stratski on 2012-09-24