My camerapaedia: Yashica 109

Credits: stratski

SLR with five program modes: Program auto, HP: hi-speed program auto, AV: aperture priority, manual exposure and X: manual flash exposure. Shutter speed: auto – 16s to 1/2000; manual – 1 to 1/2000 and B. TTL center weight metering with SPD sensor. Automatic film advance, motorized film rewind, electroninc self timer (10 sec), 4x AA battery. Lots of LED indicaters for all sorts of stuff.


A gift from an uncle.

Another SLR. This one I like mainly because it was a gift from my uncle. As a camera, it’s okay, I guess. It’s battery powerd, which I consider a disadvantage. It easy to use when you set it to automatic, you can set it to shutter priority or aperture priority, but you can also set it to manual and figure out all the setting yourself. The shutter button is very sensitive, as I’ve found out the hard way. I’d be still composing my image when – ZZZZT! – the camera would snap and the film would advance automatically. I don’t like that. Also, it rewinds the film automatically at the end of the roll, pulling the entire film into the canister. That’s inconvenient if you process your film yourself.

Still, it’s a pretty decent camera that takes nice pictures.

It came with a camera bag, a yellow-green filter, a UV-filter, a flash, and several lenses:

- a standard DSB 50mm lens, 1:1.9
- a zoom lens: MC Zoom 35-70mm 1:3.5-4.5
- a wide angle lens: ML 28mm 1:2.8
- a ML 135mm 1:2.8
- a albinar auto tele converter 2x

I have an extra lens (ML 50mm 1:2), that I found in the field in Iceland. Actually, I found a whole camera, thouroghly rusted. It couldn’t be saved. I kept the lens as a souvenir, despite the flecks of rust and a sort of mouldy spot inside the glass. When I got this Yashical 109, I remembered that lens, and tried it out. It still works!

Credits: stratski

written by stratski on 2012-09-10