Jobo in action

After last weeks slightly disappointing trial run (machine working properly, film a bit too experimental: only 3 decent exposures), I decided to really go for it tonight. A whole batch of chemicals were mixed, and five films were loaded in the tank. Took me ages by the way, it’s been a while… The it all disappeared in my Jobo Autolab 1500.

Almost an hour is was quietly humming away, spinning the tank, sloshing water and chemicals around. Actually, the pre-heating of the water takes up most of the time, the actual developing takes no more than about 15 minutes. But finally the moment was there: would there be negatives?

Yes! In five different colors, no less.

These films have been sitting on the mantle piece for so long, I couldn’t really remember which roll was which anymore. But just looking at the shape of the negatives helped me out again. Little square pictures out of the Agfa Isomat, very long negatives out of the brownie box, jagged overexposed negatives out of the pinhole (at first sight a failed experiment…), and normal looking negatives out of ehm, well, we’ll see when my negative scanner arrives next week…
Credits: stratski

written by stratski on 2011-09-20