The day digital died

I have nothing against digital photography. As I replied to this article I think digital photography has made analogue actually more fun for me. But sometimes the universe just makes your decisions for you.
My Nr. One Guy went on holiday without me and took my old digicam. Pretty soon he managed to break it. R.I.P. to my trusted Ixus. We’ve been trough a lot together: mountain hikes, rock festivals, snow camps, the lot. But that’s all in the past now. Here’s the last pic the Ixus ever made before it cracked and never took another picture again:

But no worries: film to the rescue, my guy turned analogue! Snif. I didn’t know he had it in hem… He got a single use camera and snapped a whole roll of ice and mountains on film.
Then I went and joined him in Iceland and all was digital again. Well, not all, I took some analogue camera’s as well of course, but the main camera was my Fuji. And some kick ass pictures I took, too. But on the plane back, destiny struck again: I lost an essential little part of my battery charger. So no more charging the digicam. I had one full battery left, which ran out a few days ago in Italy (yes, I get around, one of the advantages of living in a tiny country: there’s a lot of ‘rest of the world’). Here’s the last picture I took with the Fuji:
I had anticipated this and brought along extra camera’s and film, so no photo opportunities were wasted. But still, it’s a strange feeling. For most of my life I have been without digital camera’s, but you get used to them so easily. They’re so convenient for taking quick snapshots to illustrate a blog post or an instructable, for taking down pruning information on plant labels I always lose, etc. But it’s also nice, in a way. It’s like having your bike or car break down so you have to walk everywhere for a while. It’s slower, but also healthy and you see everything from a whole new angle.

Sure, I can probably get a replacement thingy for the charger, so this is probably just a temporarily thing. But for now, I’m 100% analogue. I might leave it that way for just a bit longer than strictly necessary…

written by stratski on 2011-09-14