My camerapaedia: Supersampler

Credits: stratski

Four lens toy camera (20mm lenses) with two speeds: 4 photos in 2 seconds (.50sec/photo) or 4 photos in 0.2 seconds (.05sec/photo); focus from 0,3m to infinity.

Don’t know. Since 2000?

Can’t remember if I won this at a competition or just bought it…

I have mixed feelings about this one. Every once in a while I try another roll, but never get quite the amazing results I see elsewhere on the lomography site. Usually about half the pictures in a roll are fairly drab and dull, the other half are sort of okay, and if I’m lucky one or two are pretty cool. I guess this camera is more fun if you visit the beach or other sunny locations often, and if you have friends who like to fool around, jumping and dancing for you.
Still, that one gorguous pic per year keeps me trying.

Credits: stratski

written by stratski on 2012-07-20

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  1. clickiemcpete
    clickiemcpete ·

    I agree completely with your conclusion. Also, this could be a great camera if it were built a little better...I have had two that the winding mechanism has broken on. The other thing is that the partitions should be removable or just leave them out to begin with because the popular mod of this camera is to cut them out so the images blur together. This is a good camera for the first layer of a doubles project.