My camerapaedia: Olympus XA

If this pic had been taken with the XA, it would have been sharper!

Lovely compact rangefinder, automatic shutterspeed from 10 to 1/500 sec, aperture from 2.8 to 22, plus flash setting. A switch at the bottom gives you a self timer, a +1.5 backlight compensation, and a battery check. Six element, five group 35mm f/2.8 Zuiko lens.

1978 – 1985

Queens day flea market, a real bargain at €10,-!

My go-to camera for when I want sharp, clear pictures but don’t want the size and weight of a reflex camera. It’s very small, fits comfortable in my hand and the smooth desing makes sure it slips easily into any pocket or bag. It’s easy to use, and takes excellent pictures. The shutter button is really light and sensitive, and the automatic exposure time goes up to ten seconds: perfect for low loight pictures. you can set the aperture yourself, and a needle in the viewfinder will tell you what the shutter time will be.

I just really, really love this camera. Before I got it I read a desciption that called it the poor man’s LCA, and that fits the bill, I think. I got it at a bargain, but even so, it’s a lot cheaper than an LCA, but has pretty much all the same features. Only better ;-)

It came in the original box, including flash. The flash attaches to the side, and doen’t so much protrude, but elongate the camera. If that description makes any sense… I don’t use it all too often, since the camera is pretty good at low light pictures anyway.

Credits: stratski

written by stratski on 2012-06-21


  1. atria007
    atria007 ·

    i love this camera =)

  2. clickiemcpete
    clickiemcpete ·

    I've got the XA4 version, great camera, in fact the whole series is well worth checking out.