My camerapaedia: Agfa Clack


Agfa Clack

Credits: stratski

Medium format box camera. Aperture f/11 and f/12.5, shutter about 1/30 plus B, built-in yellow filter. Zone focusing with two steps: 1-3m (3-10 feet) with a built-in close-up lens, 3m (10 feet)-infinity with just an aperture ring between the lens and the film


Queens Day flea market

When I brought this camera home from the flea market, my mom exclaimed: “Ooh, a Clack! My dad used to have one of those!” I have the metal version (there is also a later plastic model). It’s the first box camera I got, and back then (before the lomo store got iDeal and made online shopping there affordable for me) it was hard to get 120 film. These days, it’s much easier (and cheaper) for me to use this camera. The pictures are surprisingly good, for such a simple camera. Also, I love the rounded design, and the fact that the entire back slides off to open it. The only thing missing from this camera is a way to attach a proper neck strap. I could hack something myself, but I can’t bring myself to mutilate it by sticking bits to it.

No case or accessories in my posession.

Credits: stratski

written by stratski on 2012-05-29


  1. clickiemcpete
    clickiemcpete ·

    A great medium format camera with a nice lens. There is a cheesy vinyl half case with strap available for them but it's not very nice...

  2. upsi57
    upsi57 ·

    I'm happy with this camera!