Agfa Isomat rapid and redscale: a match not made in heaven

Some things somehow refuse to work for me. Certain objects that I have photographed several times, only to find the film destroyed in processing. Take for instance this staue of a man riding a giant golden turtle. This was the third time I took it’s picture, and even though I now have an image, it’s still too dark.

Barely recognisable giant turtle.

That’s because it neatly coincides with another photographic theme: redscale in my Isomat. This was the third time I tried to use redscaled film with that camera, and though I now have at least a few pictures, it still doesn’t really work. The first two times I tried it, the rolls ended up in processing failures (see my previous blog entry ). This third time, some other things went wrong.

Okay, so loading film into a rapid cassette is not very hard: just push it in. Loading redscale is bizarly difficult. Being loaded in a film cartridge, the film naturally curls a bit. When you load it as redscale, you have to push against the curl, so to speak. I’ll be pushing and shoving, and afterward find out I manages to load about a quarter of a roll.

One of my rapid cassettes has a dent on the edge of its mouth. This leads to two problems:
- Scratced negatives. If I’m not carefull pulling out the film to get it developed, I’ll get deep scratches. This time, I schratched a few frames so deep, it totally messed up my scanning.

Credits: stratski

- The dent makes pushing in the film even harder that it allready is (because of the curl). So hard, in fact, that it jammed the advance. These are about ten pictures in one frame, because it took me a while to realize the film was not endless, but just didn’t advance any more.

Credits: stratski

The only remaining pictures unfortunately were just those pictures I shot during dusk, when it was really a bit too dark to get decent redscale pictures.

Credits: stratski

For now, I’m giving up on the combination of redscale and Agfa isomat rapid.

written by stratski on 2012-02-16