The story of the lost lens that was found


Last summer My nr. 1 guy and I went to Iceland. It was a great holiday, and you can read a bit about in this article . During this hike from Hrutfell to Hveravellir, my eye caught something uncharacteristicly black in the greyness around me. It looked like a camera bag. At first I thought it was just an empty bag, but when I picked it up, there was a SLR camera inside! I tossed it in my backpack and walked on.
That night in my tent, I took a closer look.

Credits: stratski

It turned out to be a Yashica, and it was clear that it had been lying in the lava fields for quite some time. It was dirty and everything was rusted shut. I though I might be able to save the film inside, but after cracking the camera open, the film looked completely ruined.

Credits: stratski

So I just took the lens as a souvenir, and tossed the rest into the garbarge can.

Back home I found out that a Yashica lens doesn’t fit on a Praktica camera. It looked a bit iffy anyway, so I declared it dead weight and the lens ended up in the cluttered heap of my camera archive.

I know, I should take better care of my gear…

Fast forward a few months to december. My mom calls to ask me if I’m interested in an old SLR. One of my uncles is cleaning out his attic and wants to get rid of it. Do I want if? Of course! So a few days later I’m the proud posessor of a SLR, four matching lenses, a flash and some expired film, all packed together in a nice camera bag. Can you guess what kind of SLR? Yep, a Yashica.
Of course, I immediately try the old Icelandic lens. It won’t focus on anything else but far away, theres a dubious spot (mould? frostbite?) deep inside the lens, and specks of dirt and rust that refuse to let go. I have my doubts.

Credits: stratski

But it works! It’s not the best lens in the world, but it is alive once again.

Not the most inspiring picture maybe, but who knows what is yet to come.

written by stratski on 2012-01-25


  1. jeffr
    jeffr ·

    great story! and lol to "I know, I should take beter care of my gear…"

  2. emperornorton
    emperornorton ·

    Techinically, you're a heroine rather than a hero. ;)

  3. stratski
    stratski ·

    @emperornorton: oh yeah, you're right. Thanks!

  4. poochfan
    poochfan ·

    Great Article!