Wishlist to improve lomography.com

Credits: stratski

1. Better search options.
Searching the entire database of pictures works pretty well I think. Searching by tag, color, camera, film, etc. All great. But what would really help me, is a better way to search just my own pictures. When you’re writing an article and need, I don’t know, that one picture of a boat you took two years ago, it would be great to actualy find it without having to click through 20 pages of pictures. Or through 60 albums only to discover it’s not actually in an album…

In theory, you can search your own pictures by tag in the lab, but than you don’t see the id number of the picture that you need to put it in an article or blog post. Plus, the lab search doesn’t work all that great, for some reason it doesn’t pick up every picture with the same tag.

2. Bookmarking
I would love to be able to bookmark favourite articles, tipsters etc. Of course, I could bookmark them in my browser, but a list in my home would be nice.

Credits: stratski

3. More technical information on the camera’s in the shop.
What kind of lens does the sprocket rocket have? Plastic? Glass? What is the exact size of the Diana mini? How far does the lense of la Sardina protrude? How much do they weigh? What is the standard shutter time of the Diana? The aperture of the colorsplash?

4. Save option when writing blog posts or articles

Sometimes I start writing an article or blogpost, and can’t finish it right away. It would be great if you could save without publishing, so you can start something, and finish later.

I’m interested in other peoples wishes to make this site even better that it already is.

written by stratski on 2012-01-16


  1. dinospork
    dinospork ·

    Maybe this is something that I could already do if I knew how, but I have several cameras that aren't on my shelf because they're just not available in the menu, even though I have pictures that I've taken and assigned the camera to. That could certainly be improved. Also, the ability to select from tags so that tags are more consistent would be great. If you look up Agfa Isolette right now, you'll get a bunch of tags all spelled differently, with completely different pictures associated.

    One last thing, I would love it if I could kind of make my own home page, where the parts of the site that I watch frequently would all be there waiting for me, and other things would be further down the page. It would be like making a Wall, but with bits of the site.

  2. emperornorton
    emperornorton ·

    I'd like to be able to "unlike" pictures. Now and then, I "like" something by mistake and I'd appreciate being able to correct my error.

  3. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    Hmmm... you can save blog entries without publishing them! I do that all the time! Only with the blog, not with the articles. I use my blog (also) to write articles, rewrite them, correct, etc. When I think they are OK, I submit them.

  4. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    I totally agree with you, specially for the search engine on our own photos. I have often the problem to find a specific picture (that I know I tagged well, but only want to find mine, not of the whole site) in my over 600 albums and over 18000 pictures... and indeed, I can find them in the lab but without the link/id in my home... that's really something I'd like to see improved!