Resolutions 2012


So here’s my plans for this year:

1. Get better at home developing. After a promising start with my Jobo, I recently messed up a few rolls of film. I learned that I have to adjust the processing time when you recycle chemicals, and I must know when to stop recycling your chemicals (a fourth run came out completely undeveloped/exposed). Also, I should take my time. Don’t rush things but stop and think about what I’m doing. There is plenty of room for improvement.

Color negative unintentionally gone Xpro.

2. Try out more new films. Get a red filter to try out that infrared film that has been sitting in my fridge for months now. Try more Kodak films before they go out of buisiness. Try different slide films, different color negatives.

Discovery of 2011: tungsten film.

3. Plan ahead. No more (well, less) shooting at random, grabbing whatever camera and film I have at hand. Think for special events: what camera, what film? What type of shots would I like to archieve? Things to plan ahead for:
- hikes
- Rock Werchter > rekindle sleeping people series
- Long exposure experiments

4. Make pinhole photo’s work. I haven’t had much luck with my home made pinhole camera’s. But I’m going to keep trying, dammit!

Credits: stratski

5. Make a solargraph. I saw this picture and thought, hey, I can do that! I still have some photographic paper lying around. It’ll cost nothing to just try it out.

Credits: lomodesbro

6. Buy a Diana mini. It’s small, light, and crams 72 frames in one roll of film: it’s the perfect hiking camera.

7. Buy a sprocket rocket. Panorama’s!

8. Fix the advance wheel on my Kodak Duaflex, respool some 120 film to a 127 spool, and start using that camera.

9. Respool more film, and try out my Brownie box.

Credits: stratski

10. Experiment more with cross processing. Find out how other people archieve those popping colors, and why my cross processed picters tend to turn out a bit washed out.

Credits: stratski

written by stratski on 2012-01-12