My 2011 shot of the year

I had switched to digital a few years back because a small digital camera ans a SD card was so much lighter to take on longer hikes. But when at the beginning of 2011 I found myself working on the Dutch translation of Kevin Merediths book [em]52 Photographic Projects[em] (I work as a book editor), something started to stir inside of me. It was time to break out the old analogue camera’s again! After the first tentative experiments with redscale, and matchbox pinholes, I came into the possession of a photo developing machine (See here), bought a negative scanner, and went crazy with my camera’s.

I experimented with some old flea market finds and produced pictures like these:

Agfa Isomat rapid
Balda Poka box camera

But the thing that really made 2011 for me, was experimenting not just with different camera’s, but with different films. Learning about redscale set me off, and made me fall in love with unpredictable colors. Now that I could develop my own films, cross processing was no longer a financial extravaganza, so cross process I did. Seeing the wide variety of colors pruduced by different brands of slide film was wonderful.

Credits: stratski

But the best decision I made this year, was to buy some Tungsten film and take it on a hike. It produced some of my best shots this year. In fact, it produced THE best shot I ever took. I love the brownish fall colors, the gnarly tree, the way the sun shines trough the branches, the soft landscape in the background. This is my shot of 2011:

I can only hope to take pictures as good as this one in 2012.

written by stratski on 2012-01-08