Jobo has arrived


Today my Jobo AutoLab 1500 arrived. Together with a bag full of developing tanks and some bottles of rather old chemicals it arrived on my doorstep. My friend Martine exchanged it for an apple pie. We both thought we made a pretty sweet deal. She has space in her attic and an apple pie, I have the means to process color film at home.

Pretty soon now all my lab blues will be history. No more stripes (or worse) on my negatives! No more paying twice as much for cross processing! No more negatives cut right trough a picture because it´s a non/standard format!

Well, I hope so anyway. I still have to fihure out how it actually works. Attach a plug to the electrical chord. Maybe stock up on some other chemicals. Get some containers to collect the used chemicals. Figure out a better darkroom than my bed to transfer the cilms from the container to the tank.
But as soon as that is done, the processing world is my mollusk!

written by stratski on 2011-05-18

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  1. aanum
    aanum ·

    cool I'd rather have that than a pie :)