My camerapeadia: Gevabox

Credits: stratski

A lovely sculptural box camera. Pretty advanced, for a box: three apertures – f8, f11 and f16; shutter time 1/30 sec and B setting; and a focussing lens! You can turn it from 5ft to infinity.

Early 1950’s.

I bought it at a camera fair for 10 euros.

I saw this camera at a camera fair, and immediately fell in love with it. Even though mine is a tiny bit rusty, it still looks great, with its chrome details and sculptural protuding lens. It looks a bit Art Deco-ish, even though it’s from much later date. You can see some more detailed pics of the camera and it’s insides here.

It was made from about 1951 by the German Herman Wolf GmbH from Wuppertal for the Belgian Gevaert, a a photographic paper manufacturer that wanted some camera’’s of its own to sell.

After the first roll of redscale I shot, I was a bit disappointed. The pictures were all a bit blurry and underexposed. I guess I just didn’t guestimate the exposere right, because the second (CN) roll turned out perfect! Lovely sharp pictures with nice, natural colors. The only reason I messed up a few pictures was because I forgot I had it loaded and opend the camera half way into the roll. That black backing paper Lomography uses as just not contrasty enough for me…

Still, the Gevabox is a nice addition to my collection, and I’ll definitely be using this one more often.

Credits: stratski

written by stratski on 2014-04-25

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  1. avola
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    Such a wonderful camera!!!