Serial Shooter: A window out of here

Credits: stratski

It’s not always easy to take a pictures every day when you’re doing a 365-project. I spend a big part of my life at work, sitting behind a desk. My view consists of a computer screen, a large office filled with brown and grey office furniture, and a handfull of collegues. Not the most inspiring enviroment, photographically speaking.

No wonder that I have accumulated a fair amount of pictures taken in the other direction, out of my office window. Not that there’s an awful lot going on out there… The pictures show that I work in a basement, behind iron bars (presumably to keep burglars out, not me in). There is usually not much to see outside: a bit of sidewalk, some parked cars, the park on the other side of the street. It’s a dead end road, so not a lot of traffic passes me. I still take a picture every now and then, when I have a new camera delevered at work that I want to try right away, or when something slightly less ordinary happens. A stray cat visiting, an impressive rain shower,

I lead a mostly uneventful life.

Credits: stratski

written by stratski on 2014-04-08