Resolution time again!


So what did I plan a year ago?

1. That Duaflex thing again…
It has been on my list for years: the old Duaflex I got at a flea market is missing its advance wheel. I’ve actually tried fixing it this year. One of the little spare screws of the Konstruktor fits in the hole, that gives me a little bit of leverage. I’ve tried to attach new buttons with several materials, but the tiny screw is just too small to provide decent grip for the material. I’ve shot (but not developed) a roll just in time for 2013 just using a pair of pliers to advance…
I did get a second 620 spool, so no need to mess around with inexpertly hacked 120 spools anymore.

2. More camera hacks. I modified a disposable camera, and I like it. So I’m going to do that again. And make a two-way camera that can shoot both sides of the film at the same time. And a new pinhole camera. (Or are these 3 separate resolutions?)

  • I did more experimenting with disposable cameras: tried a different one, replaced the lens with a pinhole.
Disposable pinhole.
  • I made that two way camera. Two of them, actually, one with a pinhole at the back (pretty good), and one with a regular camera at the back (rubbish).
Janus I and Janus II.
  • I made several pinhole camera’s, the latest one with 5 random pinholes.
The multipinhole.

3. Experiment more with doubles. I’ve never gotten the hang of them, but practice makes perfect! Or at least less crappy.
Meh, a bit. I do make doubles every now and then, and some of them are pretty good, but it’s still a bit hit and miss.

Credits: stratski

4. Decide wether I want the Belair, or the Horizon (well, I WANT both, but you know, money. And I already feel guilty for owning a ridiculous amount of camera’s.)
Horizon Perfekt it is. Before all the Piggie Reforms, I managed to profit of a massive discout promo and a shitload of piggies. Hurrah! It has quickly become one of my all time favourite camera’s.

Credits: stratski

5. Make an anthotype. That’s a photographic print using home made chemicals from plants. Or even entire pant leaves as photo sensitive paper.
No luck here. Maybe my plant extract wasn’t right, or the paper too old (I made it in winter, and tried to make prints in summer), or I should have left the paper out longer. I’ll try again next summer.
On a related note, I did make cyanotypes, which is really cool.

Credits: stratski

6. Figure out a way to try my Kodak instamatic without instamatic film.
Didn’t have to. I stumbled upon an instamatic that still had in film inside at the local thrift store, and managed to reload the casette.

Credits: stratski

7. Build a slit scan camera (like the Spinner, but different).

8. Try to get my Polaroid working again (it’s a model the Impossible Project doesn’t make film for). I saw a hack on so you can use Fuji instant film in it.
Not yet. I did get a second Polaroid camera, though, one that does take Impossible film.

Credits: stratski

All in all, not a bad score I think.

And here are next years resulutions:

1. More blogging. Since the whole piggies thing, I’ve started writing less for, and more for my own blog (here, but also on I really enjoy writing, and I try to post something at least every three days. A challenge.

2. More cyanotypes. On T-shirts. I’ve made some cool designs based on pictures I took of cameras, and I’m dying to try them out.

3. That anthotype again.

4. Experiment with in-camera masks. I’ve just loaded up a few camera’s with different masks, and I’d like to try more of that I think.

5. It’s time to try the 365 project again. Let’s see how long I can keep at it this time.

6. Think of another pinhole project. Perhaps a stereoscopic one (animated gifs!), or something else entirely.

7. Try caffenol again. I succesfully ties a few times, but I’ve also messed up a few rolls. Let’s get better at this.

8. Do more with those fancy lenses I have. I own all kinds of SLR lenses that I hardly ever use because I’m just too lazy to figure out what to do with them (also, dragging along extra lenses on a trip is a hassle). I should use them more often!

9. Filters, too. I should get myself a Cokin filter holder and start using these baby’s. I screwed on a yellow filter the other day, and I really liked the effect on my B&W shots, so it’s probably worth it to try more.

10. I should finally try that roll of B&W IR film that has been sitting in my fridge for ever. And that roll of Aerochrome as well.

written by stratski on 2014-01-02

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    IR film has been something I wanted to try. Good luck on your resolutions.