Self-Portrait project

Credits: strangelilgirl

This first one is a self-portrait project (albeit with the help of a lovely assistant). These are our first two preliminary shots from last week, taken with my Polaroid 220 land camera. This way we could get an instant idea of what we in general like and don’t like about this set-up, along with realizing a number of detail-decisions we will need to make: layout of the cameras; how far away/close up the shot should be and what that distance does to the effect I’m going for; and what the hell I should be doing with my face.

Credits: strangelilgirl

Despite the fact that we only got two shots this first time around, we were at the park nearly 45 minutes in what turned out to be something like 90 degree weather. I was hot, and the grass was itchy, and I couldn’t really do anything about it because the intricate web of camera straps around my neck and shoulders would have had a domino effect on the positioning of every camera. So I laid there and waited. And two timed, developed and peeled shots later, this is what we have to show for it.

The “finale” shot, should it come out the way I see it in my head, won’t look like these. But we’ll see how far I get, and I’ll update the steps along the way

written by strangelilgirl on 2011-10-01


  1. yarglags
    yarglags ·

    OMG she's over-lomo'd. Get her two rolls of redscale, STAT!


  2. kshen
    kshen ·

    self portraits are always awesome!

  3. strangelilgirl
    strangelilgirl ·

    @yarglags LOL! So then, Dr., redscale is what you recommend in these cases?...what are my chances at this point?

    @kshen I definitely don't do enough of them, at least planned out ones like this. So I'm happy to finally be moving forward with this idea.

  4. marjanbuning
    marjanbuning ·

    love it!