• Mountain Lion eats up my Lomohome

    written by stitch on 2012-08-07

    I installed Mountain Lion OS last week and since then I couldn't upload any photo in my lomohome. There seems to be some incompatibility issues... Very sad.

  • Last train home

    written by stitch on 2012-05-19

    A fictional essay dedicated to the working class who have been marginalized or retrenched by the new media

  • Three times a lady

    written by stitch on 2012-05-18

    a romantic fiction but based (somewhat) on reality...

  • The year so far...

    written by stitch on 2012-03-23

    Nearly a quarter has past for 2012. Unconsciously, I've been more active as far as taking photos with my lomo cams. Paradoxically, I'm kinda saving both my shots and films but whenever the opportunities, I shoot at will, well almost...

  • First time ever to name my lomo camera

    written by stitch on 2012-01-12

    I've been into lomography for a quite some time but never really thought of naming any of my lomos. But after reading a biography, I've decided to name my LC-A+ "Helena". Yep that's about it.

  • Merry Christmas to all ;)

    written by stitch on 2011-12-24

    It wasn't exactly a great year. Work was hard. I shot solo most of the time but shoot I did. The LC-A+ was still an inseparable companion. Occasionally I got to attend some activities organized by Shutter Revolution peeps; thank you guys for having me.

  • First Christmas Party for 2011

    written by stitch on 2011-12-06

    On December 2, I attended my first Christmas party for 2011. I decided to leave behind my DSLR (big mistake) and tried to make do with my LC-A+ and a Canon Speedlite 199A Flash. In last year's party, several guys brought their digicams so the event was adequately covered. I thought I'd experiment a bit with some flash photography this time.

  • Life goes on in other places

    written by stitch on 2011-12-05

    If you think Christmas is in full swing, look again. There are many other isolated places in the city that are untouched, unaffected by the revelry and commercialism. It gives you a sobering thought and perhaps even a deeper insight that there's more to Christmas than just gift-giving.

  • No shoot policy in malls and recreation parks

    written by stitch on 2011-11-30

    There's been some heated debate about this "no shoot" policy by local establishments. They say it's for security reasons. LIttle do they know that photos of their joints in the web is free promotion for them. Fortunately for us lomo users, we use the golden rule "be fast" to the hilt.

  • This is not street photography

    written by stitch on 2011-11-18

    Somewhere in cyberspace, there is a raging debate what is and what is not street photography. Hence, at the risk of getting ensnared in this contentious discussion, I wouldn't call some of my street shots that—street photography.

  • My ipod touch is under repair

    written by stitch on 2011-11-13

    It's been a week since I sent my ipod for repair. That meant I was shooting more with my LC-A+ especially while going to work or going home. That's probably good news.

  • Engineer Joe

    written by stitch on 2011-06-19

    a father's day piece for my Dad

  • You Beth

    written by stitch on 2011-06-16

    I was going over some old film shots and I realize a few things: 1) you need a model to get started with your shooting spree; 2) you have to be daring; and finally 3) don't worry about accidents (that is poor film results).

  • Fire in the hole

    written by stitch on 2011-05-19
    Fire in the hole

    My first actual fire shot. A warehouse across the street caught fire. It was practically a hole in the ground, neglected and deserted which is a good thing since it was completely gobbled up by the fire even if the firemen cameover immediately.

  • Having second thoughts about expired film

    written by stitch on 2011-05-10
    Having second thoughts about expired film

    So you go to great lengths to shoot an event. You travel several miles. You sleep overnight and you've packed your camera and expired rolls. Fast forward to having your rolls developed and most of it came out dark and offer little details. Oh man...

  • Doubles technique of icuresick

    written by stitch on 2011-05-03
    Doubles technique of icuresick

    Last February, I heard icuresick give a lecture in lomography. One technique he discussed lengthily is how to shoot doubles. Even if I'm familiar with the principles, it's really different when someone says it and shows excellent lomographs.

  • My cooperative lomo model

    written by stitch on 2011-04-20
    My cooperative lomo model

    Years ago, when I started buying various lomo cameras, I needed a "willing" model to pose for me. That person was both an officemate and neighbor, literally the girl next door. Her name is "Leah." She wasn't exactly the object of my lomographic desire. But you will have to agree that she is "lomogenic."

  • My first best lomo shot

    written by stitch on 2011-04-19
    My first best lomo shot

    So I just got my deadstock LC-A then, loaded it with an expired Fuji Velvia, and like any good lomo newbie, I brought it along wherever I went.

  • Will Instagram take over lomography?

    written by stitch on 2011-04-16

    Lately I've been shooting a lot more with my iPod touch using the app Instagram. I find myself leaving behind my LC-A+ and just carrying around my iPod and shooting with it. Is my love for lomography dying?