• A lame ass blog entry

    written by sthomas68 on 2011-07-04

    I haven't blogged in awhile. Sometimes I'm in the mood and other times I feel like I'm just tooting hot air to anyone that will read the words I write. I'm in between road trips right now...the last one I did I still have a ton of film I need to develop from but my lab here only runs twice a week.

  • What it's like getting a new camera

    written by sthomas68 on 2011-05-26

    Every time a new camera shows up on my doorstep from lsi, eBay, or wherever, I get excited like a little kid waiting for his first set of baseball cards.

  • What Lomography seems to be becoming

    written by sthomas68 on 2011-04-14

    A year ago, I re-entered the world of film photography using lomo cameras and it grew into the toy and vintage camera obsession I now have with capturing contemporary images in a new medium.

  • Art is the word for my best first lomo

    written by sthomas68 on 2011-03-26
    Art is the word for my best first lomo

    I started out with lomo about a year ago. My first pictures with the lc-a were ok but not spectacular. When I took my Holga down to the American Sign Museum in Cincinnati, I loaded it with Kodak Tri-X just to see what would happen.

  • Gothic Photography

    written by sthomas68 on 2011-03-24
    Gothic Photography

    One avenue I want to explore as a creative photographer is gothic, or horror photography.

  • Existential philosophy of LOMO and my creative inspiration

    written by sthomas68 on 2011-03-20
    Existential philosophy of LOMO and my creative inspiration

    I'm bored so I thought I would write this blog about what it really means to lomo, what it brings to the universe, and how I get motivated and inspired to do it.

  • What does Lomography mean to YOU?

    written by sthomas68 on 2011-02-25

    Since lomography started the blog portion of this website, I thought I would begin mine with something simple, some open ended questions to everyone about what lomography means to them. I have noticed questions like these popping up on flickr pages about lomography and thought it would be interesting to try it.