I"ve been interested in photography and photo technology for many years. I used to read copies of Popular Photography in the library in high school. For my HS graduation, I got a Minolta X570. But, being a poor kid, it was a big deal to purchase film and get prints made, so I didn't shoot as much as I really should have. And, as a kid, I was too worried about getting the pictures "right", and not interested in playing with depth of field, and effects, etc. So most of my photos from then are pretty basic and boring.

I lost interest for a while till I got my Nikon D90 in 2010. Being a digital camera, I took full advantage of the format and have shot a couple of thousand photos with it. Of that, I think I have 30 or so that I really like.

Then I read about Lomography, and the whole "low tech analog" thing. I liked the weird photos taken with the Holga and Lomo cameras. I kept up with the "technology" and the photos people took, but never took the leap till Spring of 2013, when I walked by a Lomography store in San Francisco. I had to go in and look, and was sold on getting a camera, but which one? After talking to the guys, who know a TON about this stuff, I settled on a Lubitel, partially since I've always wanted a TLR camera. So I got the Lubitel and a few rolls of 120, and shot 2 rolls of color and one B&W in San Francisco. I uploaded my favorites from those rolls. I am VERY open to comments and suggestions.

I still don't consider myself to be an aritst, but I really want to use my Lubitel to get "that shot", the one you frame and look at often, and remember.


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