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  • Bed hair

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    ... or bad hair?

  • Behind my Face...

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    Behind my face, below my hair, between my ears and just above my throat / There is a factory. But it is upside down. / It's working fine though. / It is big and busy. / All the machines inside are powerful, precise, robust, fast and efficient. / The stuff is skilled, well organized and working day and night. / Its products are the finest on the market. / But there is one flaw: Since the factory is standing on its head / The products it produces are also upside down. / Hence they are useless. / Therefore no one needs or wants them. / And therefore they are labeled "ART".

  • Bad Hair Day

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    very expired film...

  • The Hair due

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    This is Molly's hair due before homecoming. I was told by olivia's sister to take pictures of them. So I did.

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    The tipster section of the lomography magazine is something that always interests me - specially reading about crazy experiments with films. The dishwasher experiment by the lab rats at the lomo headquarter resulted in awesome shots that really made me say Wow! I also thought I should give it a try. During breaks between outreach performances to flood-affected communities, I had the time to make my crazy attempt. But the problem was I don't have a dishwasher at home. While I immediately thought the washing machine may be a good substitute, I was a bit concerned about the water temperature and the cycle time. Undaunted with my limitations, I opted to approximate the same effect by simply boiling my films and giving them a cold bath and drying afterwards as the tipster suggested. The results on the doubles I did on vintage portraits and images of paintings by renowned graffiti artist Basquiat I must say are very encouraging. This is the first of two albums.

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    Actually this film other photos are fail :( but who cares? I still love :D 其實這捲底片的其他照片有點失敗了,但管它的!我還是很喜歡 :D

  • Me and the flower

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    shared by atria007 on 2011-11-23 Weidong use the lubitel 166+ and i use lubitel 2

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