I have and use :
Lomo LC-A+
Diana Mini
Olympus XA
Olympus Stylus Epic Deluxe (mju-ii)
Canon Sureshot Max Date
Holga WPC 120
Minolta X-370S

I had:
Olympus XA2
Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim
Lomo LC-A
Yaschica Electro 1.7

I Want:
Conica Hexar AF
Natura Black
Canonet G3

I prefer 100 speed film

I have:
Kodak EIR x3 (Expired)
Elitechrome EBX x2 (Expired)
Elitechrome 200 x7
Ektachrome 100 EPP x2 (Expired)
Tri-X 400
T-Max 100
E100G (Expired)
Gold 100 (Expired)
Portra 160
Fujifilm Fortia SP (Expired)
Sensia 100 II (Expired)
Sensia 100 (Expired)
Sensia 50
Sensia 400 x2 (Expired)
Veliva 50
T64 (Expired)
Provia 400x
Provia 100F (Expired)
Agfachrome CT Precisa 100 x3 (Expired)
Lomochrome Purple x3

I love:
Kodak EIR
Elitechrome 100 EBX
Agfa CT Precisa
Velvia 50
Provia 100

I have not used:
Kodak EIR
Tri-x 400/TMAX100
Sensia 400
Elitechrome ED

I have used:
All of the above minus what I haven't listed
Elitechrome 400
Velvia 100
Sensia 50

I want:
Elitechrome ED
More EIR
More "Old Stock Precisa"

I'm from Kansas City and got back into photography in 2008.
I took a B&W Photography film lab in College in 2001.
I do film swaps if interested. You can write me about selling me your cameras.
I hope you enjoy my pictures.

I have a flickr