Tommy Tooter


I had a great time with my Sardina. It is a fun little camera and a lot of the time people don’t even know what it is or what you are doing. I came across a man named Tommy Tooter, who was very good at playing his saxophone. We then started talking and I asked him if he is from Austin. He then tells me yes for the most part. He tells me that he graduated from college in California with a major in marine biology and a minor in music. I was shocked to see him playing the saxophone on the street with a major in marine biology. I asked him why isn’t he doing that. He tells me that there was 5,000 graduates with only 500 jobs, so he played saxophone on the streets in California real blues brothers style and has been doing it ever since. I had to take a few photos of Tommy especially after that amazing story, so here he is the great Tommy Tooter. I really hope I can find him again, apparently he is on facebook, but I haven’t found him.

Credits: staring360

written by staring360 on 2012-10-03

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  1. tommytooter
    tommytooter ·

    i'm very flattered, staring. thank you for this. i graduated school in 1978 from tampa, fl, worked for a few years in medical research in dallas and tried to go to the west coast to get something in my field and ended up on the streets with my horn.

    i only found you because this photo has been stolen by people who harass me and defame me all over the web. i need you to assert your copyright if you would in a couple of places please.