I am 21, and a student in Philosophy at Leeds University.
I'm in London a lot. I mostly enjoy:

Music, Photography, Gigs, Philosophy, ATP, Art, Books, Crafts, Zines, Adventuring, Cooking.

The cameras I own:
Fisheye 2 / Holga / Diana F+ (with Instax Back & Super Wide-Angle Lens) / Lubitel 2 / Instax Mini / Action Sampler (4-lens) / Action Sampler (3 lens) / Polaroid / Zenit-E / Vivitar (wide angle lens)
[Canon 350 SLR which is broken :( ]

I don't own any digital cameras.
I wish I had more money to spend on film development.
I like to take photographs of people (particularly at parties), buildings (especially derelict ones) and nice scenery on sunny days (or bad scenery on dreary days).

I have started my own Zine; see:
Please contribute :)


My Albums