Lomography & Me - The beginning


It was the summer of 2007. Lisbon. Portugal. I’d gone to visit my older sister who teaches English to Portuguese students. It was the first time I’d caught a plane on my own so it was a little daunting but my sister met me at the airport and we took a taxi back to her apartment in Bairo Alto.

Wow, what an amazing place! I’d never been anywhere like it, hustle, bustle, street sellers, tiny boutique shops and hundreds of bars and restaurants all set in tiny streets. It was such a great atmosphere.

Credits: squamy

After a short walk we reached my sisters apartment, dropped of my suitcase, had a cuppa and set off for a wander around the area.

A few doors down from her apartment was a little shop called ‘Lomography’ full of brightly coloured photographs and colourful goodies. I went in for a wander and was truly amazed by all the cool looking cameras and amazing photos on display. Then I saw it.. A luminous blue supersampler. I needed it. It was one of lifes little necessities and as soon as I saw the pictures it produced I purchased it and snapped away happily for the rest of the week.

Credits: squamy
Credits: squamy

I have to admit that then I returned home, packed my supersampler away, went back to work and sort of forgot about that lovely little camera and the shop I’d visited. It wasn’t until my friend gave me her old Fisheye No.1 to use early this year that I truely discovered Lomography for the wonderful global and on-line community that is it.

Credits: squamy

Up until this year I thought I had visited a small boutique shop in Lisbon, a one off store, I didn’t realise that Lomography had such a global presence a so many amazing things to offer. Since I found Lomography.com I am well and truly hooked. I’ve dusted off my supersampler and I’ve given it some friends, my beloved Diana Mini, Trip 35, Fisheye No.1, Holga 135 and soon, once I’ve saved, there’ll be an LC-A in the family too.

Credits: squamy

written by squamy on 2010-12-01


  1. eatcpcks
    eatcpcks ·

    Nice story! I really need to write my own soon!

  2. marant69
    marant69 ·

    Beautiful story. Great gallery!

  3. squamy
    squamy ·

    Thanks guys and thanks for checking it out!

    @eatpcks Let me know when you do! :D

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    Lovely !

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    awesome !

  6. antibiotyx
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    wonderful, amy. i should write my own story too. oh i'm also saving up for an l-ca. hoping to get it soon.

  7. vicuna
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    lovely story! :)

  8. hotdustyroads
    hotdustyroads ·

    beautiful pictures & good story! I LOVE my holga 135 and use it daily. I just put a new album up if you're interested!

  9. weedos
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    Great story!! I think it's about time I wrote one as well :-)

  10. ministryofvanilla
    ministryofvanilla ·

    this is so sweet... you're making me remember my first time as well. it's really like falling in love rite.

  11. squamy
    squamy ·

    Thanks everyone!

    @antibiotyx @weedos Yes definietly write one too :) Let me know when you do
    @hotdustyroads I love my Holga 135 too, will check your album out

  12. illusio
    illusio ·

    Excellent article, and what a sweet thing to do, to give your first lomo camera to your friends. Lovely pics hun.

  13. azzzy
    azzzy ·

    Ive missed my supersampler too! my first 35mm camera. im going to go shoot with it next week once my exams are over! nice article.

  14. discodrew
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    Great story. Really liked the supersampler pictures. That camera really makes you think about how to capture movement but you've done it in a really appealing way.

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    Wow. really cool story.

  16. squamy
    squamy ·

    Thanks guys! :)

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    wow, very cool XD Great Jobs :D I Love it...
    u make me wanna write my own :)

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    My first was also a supersampler but it was yellow! lovely!

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    Hi, nice story and nice presentation. good work for the photos ^^ ;)
    Ahh, i must begin a blog : D

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    Awesome! Really cool little story and love the pics, especially the beach where the water is getting closer and closer. Super cool :)

  22. mariefisen
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    Great story! I'm glad your friend gave you her fisheye and made you start shooting again - your photos are amazing :)

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    Good story & great photos~~ impressive~~

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    This was such a fun and lovable read <3 !

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    supersampler was my first lomo camera too!

    great story :)

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    Lovely story and pictures too! :)

  27. squamy
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    Thanks to all of you for the likes and the lovely comments! :)

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    Great images! Lisbon seems to be a nice place :)

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    I love Barrio Alto! nice story!

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    Supersampler also was my first lomo camera and the reason I fell in love with lomography... :)

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    Lisbon is great! Fantastic Pictures!

  32. neurodiaz
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    Nice story. :)

  33. atreyuthechild
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    A close shave, you almost missed never got into Lomography at all. Thse first pictures are great too, it would have been a real shame.

    Please check out my blog: www.lomography.com/homes/atreyuthechild/blog/978-analogue-a…

  34. squamy
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    Thanks so much for all the comments and likes guys :)

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    Touchy... it gives me an idea to write mine's.

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    awesomeness! amazing pictures too.

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    Very cool story, even cooler pictures!!

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    great story indeed

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    very nice... Its really cool, how nobody really finds lomography, it finds you!

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    wonderful story, and also a nice reminder of how cool the supersampler can be. :)

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    nice one!

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    love your story!

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    colourful toys and cool gadgets,.. they get my attention too

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    Cool story! Nice shots! Keep shooting!

  45. catherinejcruz
    catherinejcruz ·

    Hey there, found you through blormore's blog. It's so awesome that you found lomography in Lisbon, Portugal! My husband, our friend and I went there this past October to see Lady Gaga. But upon a bit of research and word of mouth from the awesome people there, we knew we had to check out Bairro Alto! We went at night and the scene was just so alive! We ended up in this really tiny bar but with the BIGGEST spirit! Live music and just very welcoming.. The guitarist would cover songs both popular and cultural from all over the world...especially when they walked in from a different country (like we did!). Anyway, I really wished we had more time there...and now that I know they have a lomography store there?! It's in our definite near future! I just told my husband and he's excited to go back as well. Thanks for this! Your shots of Bairro Alto brings back memories!