Sparkling Results!


Bonfire Night was awesome fun. The weather was mean and it poured the whole evening but despite that myself and my friends had a great evening full of sparklers, explosions and all things Guy Fawkes (apart from our Indian takeway perhaps)

I filled a roll with firework shots and photos of my friends with their wine, umbrellas and wooly hats and mitts on. The fireworks display was brilliant!! better than the previous years and I had a great position for taking snaps.

What was not brilliant however was after the display when I got home and realised my Diana Mini was infact broken!!! =( This was baaaaad! I’ve only had her for a few months and she is very very ill. The shutter is broken so unfortunately all my fireworks shots were overexposed. I think maybe, she doesn’t like Winter and the cold and rain. Also I can’t find my order receipt so I can’t get it fixed / replaced but that’s another story.

I couldn’t let Bonfire Night be over without a few pictures though could I ?! No. So me and my friends took to the garden with sparklers, my Holga 135 , gloves, coats and beers and took some silly sparkler shots.

Credits: squamy

I also colorsplashed a few of my friends whilst we ate our delicious post bonfire take-away.


written by squamy on 2010-11-11