Set Sail with the lovely La Sardina!

Released today, here it is in all its splendour – The Lomography La Sardina.

Credits: squamy

A 35mm camera featuring a wide-angle lens, MX, B(ulb) and N(ormal) switch all packed in to a stylish looking shell about the size of a sardine can. Also available is a very cool looking flash called Fritz the Blitz which I haven’t had the pleasure of messing with yet, one for my wish-list! (If you can buy the flash separately that is most likely what I am doing right now!)

There are four different nautical inspired camera designs (or flavours) to choose from which are all rather cool I think!

The camera is based on the Kandor Candid, a camera produced by the Irwin Corporation back in the 1930’s and there is a great section on the history in the book that comes with the package.

Enough with the chatter, you want to see what it can do right? Here are a few shots I’ve taken with the camera over the last week using Lomography CN100 and Lomography X-Pro 200 film.

Lomography CN 100

Credits: squamy

Lomography X-Pro 200

Credits: squamy

Lots more photos, lomowalls and goodies can be found on my lomohome

I am really impressed with what this little camera can do and can’t wait to get my hands on the Fritz the Blitz flash gun. The wide angle lens delivers a subtle vignette that I just love, it’s light, small enough to take everywhere and the retractable lens keeps it safe in your bag.

Why not head on over to the Lomography microsites and find out more about the La Sardina! Snap one up whilst they are fresh! (terrible canned produce pun intended.)

LA SARDINA | Specifications

Film Type: Standard 135 Roll Film
Exposure area: 36mm x 24mm
Lens Focal Length: 21mm
Aperture: fixed f/8
Angle of view: 91 degrees
Shutter speed: Bulb (B), 1/100 (N)
Closest focusing distance: 0.6m
Focusing steps: two step focusing — 0.6m close up, 1m~inf.
View Finder: Inverse Galileo type built-in finder
Film Counting: auto film counting
Film stopping: Yes
Multi exposure: Yes
Cable Release connection: Yes
Tripod Mount: 1/4’ tripod screw
Shutter release lock: shutter locks after lens collapsed
Flash contact: unique Sardine micro contact (for Sardine flash only)

written by squamy on 2011-06-16