LC-A+ - It's a good day


First off I would like to apologise to the rest of my camera collection for the neglect they have experienced since the arrival of my LC-A+!!


Ever since I first found the Lomography site I have been drawn in by the images taken with the LC-A and LC-A+. The colours, the clarity and the crazy multi-exposures! I knew I just had to get my mitts on one of those bad boys and now, finally, I own my very own shiny black beauty.

Credits: squamy

My LC-A+ arrived at work around 2 weeks ago and I was VERY excited, perhaps a little too excited, some of my colleagues seemed a bit worried! I immediately broke open the box and careful unpacked my new little friend.

Credits: squamy

First off I was massively impressed with the packaging. I love the wooden packing crate, such a nice touch by Lomography. We all know however, that the most exciting part is that little black camera waiting to be loaded with film! I loaded it immediately! :)


I have just received my first two rolls back and I am pleased with the results. I need to remember to change the focus as I seem to often forget but the LC-A+ has lived up to my very high expectations.

Credits: squamy

Now, I’m off out to shoot more!! well…after!


written by squamy on 2011-03-15


  1. mallorynox
    mallorynox ·

    I think your cameras will take it easy:) have a lot of great pics!

  2. homer
    homer ·

    congrats on the new cam, LC-A+ still sits high on my wishlist

  3. yarglags
    yarglags ·

    Cool! I got a Zenit Compact/LC-A back in 1988. I bought it for £30 in a little camera shop in Bristol. I loved it till the day it went to the camera home in the sky. Have fun missus!

  4. squamy
    squamy ·

    Thanks for all the likes and comments guys :)

  5. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    Hey Amy, I got an LC-A off ebay about a month or so ago and had a lot of problems with it but now it is all up and running I couldn't be happier!!