The Sprockets have landed!!


After receiving all my amazing lomo goodies for christmas I finally got my first Sprocket Rocket shots back!

Unfortunately the lab failed to scan them with the sprocket holes!

Fortunately I was able to treat myself to a late Xmas pressie, the Espon V500. I couldn’t have my sprocket rocket images sans sprockets now could I?!

So here are a few of my first shots from the first two rolls of my Sprocket Rocket and there are lots more in my home. These were shot mostly on new years eve and new years day using Lomo 400 CN, Fuji Superia and my colorsplash flash.

Credits: squamy

I’m addicted to sprockets now so keep your eyes peeled for loads more in the next few weeks.

Credits: squamy

Thanks for reading! The rest of my first couple of rolls can be found here

written by squamy on 2011-01-09


  1. krogers
    krogers ·

    nice shots! i love #4 on the first set! i want a sprocket rocket!!

  2. vanc180sx
    vanc180sx ·

    cool !!!!!