Black and White

I used to take lots of photos with my mobile (Nokia N97) in black and white, and got some good results, but now I’m all analogue I thought it time I got some monochrome 35mm in my camera.

First roll was some Kodak 400TX, taken on the first bright day of the year. They’ve come back a little dark, but nice and moody. I’m not sure if I had the aperture too small, or whether they’ve messed up during the scanning process (the negatives seem ok?). Anyway, I’m pleased with the look of them.

Credits: spookydirt

Unfortunately, there is nowhere locally that can develop B&W, so I have to send them away: currently waiting for some infrared B&W prints to come back from the Lomolab, and then I’m loading up some more. Who needs colours!

written by spookydirt on 2013-02-02