• New Malden

    shared by neja on 2011-11-21

    is a biggest Korean community outside of South Korea. My little lomo field trip took me to many amazing food places. Even sushi places in New Malden are run by Koreans. Yummy!

  • The XXX : Red Is The New Black

    shared by adi_totp on 2011-03-27

    The XXX : An experiment, well it's basically Triples or MX or Multiple Exposures. I used the term X just for a sign for Xtra, Xperiment, Xpro. Why XXX ? It's not an adult movie for sure. XXX is just a sign for Triples. On this second album of The XXX, I used a redscale film. Home made redscale film using Fuji X-tra Superia ISO 400. The result is bloody red. Some might say Red Is The New Black.

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