The Rest Is History.

My mother has been a photographer since I was a baby. She has gone through a great deal of photographic discoveries and changes. I have always appreciated her work and aspired to be just like her, except one thing was holeing me back. She is an awful teacher. Last summer I coerced myself to dive into the depths of photography. I started out digital, easy, right? Well, not so much when you have no clue what exposure is. I bought books, tons of books. Within two weeks I had a general Idea on the basics of photography. Next step, film. Film has forever been a love of mine, even when I did not know how to shoot it. Just holding a photograph in my hand that I know has never gone through a computer was exhilarating. I shot s few rolls on a film canon rebel of mine and I decided to go deeper. My grandmother gave me an argus c3. Was I ready? Apparently so, my pictures were so fun! I I wanted something lighter and more versatile though, I wanted something…plastic. When I discovered the Diana f+ I just about went insane with desire. I needed it. For my birthday I talked my mother into getting me the deluxe package. This was not an easy task. From her having shot film in the past, she was not ready to go back and have all the technology wasted. With my cunning ways, I convinced her. The rest is history.

written by sophiesays on 2011-08-24