Yestarday I was born!


And the first of them! It’s about our idioms, some slang… Ok, in Russia we have the national food… or ethnic cuisine… I don’t know how it in English, so I hope you understand. Yes… And one of the items, or one of the dishes have the name “Щи” (“shchi”), this is the cabbage soup or something like that. Ok.
So about idioms, we like use the name of national cabbage soup in our speech, so for example: “Я был пьян в щи” (“Ya byl pʹyan v shchi”). If you’ll try to translate word by word you’ll get “I was drunk in cabbage soup”. Real meaning of this phrase is "I was very, absolutely, completely drunk "

It is really strange, but when you “drunk in cabbage soup” you can “Получить по щам” (“poluchitʹ po shcham”) – this is when somebody kick you in face. So in this example your face is “cabbage soup” and some body struck you in the cabbage soup (in the face).

Yesterday I was drunk in cabbage soup and somebody struck me in the cabbage soup… I thing it’s very funny for foreigners, I mean that phrase is funny, not situation of cause =)

This is the Moscow. It’s near “Belorusskaya” station of metro:

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written by song_number_two on 2012-12-20


  1. twinklecat
    twinklecat ·

    Haha! I love the idiom of being "drunk in cabbage soup" and being "kicked in the cabbage soup"!

  2. song_number_two
    song_number_two ·

    @twinklecat, thank you!!! Happy New Year =)