My new camera!

Last time I wrote about my future camera. My choice was complete different – really nice black Mamiya NC1000S! Beautiful camera, I bought it with 50mm f/1,4 really good Mamiya-Sekor lens with CS mount and 28mm 2,0 Mamiya-Sekor both in best state! And also adapter from M42 to CS mount. Body too!
When I traveled back in Prague with this camera, I had about 13 pictures on it, I loved it! I wanted to finish the film in Prague, so I´ve rolled the film, push the shutter and mirror stuck in up position! Oh sh**!!! I´ve bought new batteries, and nothing happened, arrrrggghhh!!!!!!
I called the previous owner, and he said: I´m really sorry about that, I will give your money back! So after week ( I was in service with it and searching on the interweb and found, there is fault in electromagnet – whole series is wrong ) I came to the previous owner and he gived me money back ( I kept the lens, adaptor and new batteries ). 
Next day, I found another Mamiya NC1000S in local photographic shop. My friend called me, that he found working Mamiya from good series ( It was the same one ). So, in Friday 13th I´ve bought it! It was really dirty ( It was standing in this shop about 10 years! ), I cleaned it, put into it new batteries, Ilford HP5+, and go shooting. It’s working briliantly!! Silver, working and in good state! I love it!
It’s my best camera ever. The lens are really sharp. Now I’m collecting money for the Mamiya-Sekor ZOOM 80-200 ( really good lens ).

written by sobiksaabik on 2012-04-17