What will be my next camera?

Last two months was black months, my PowerBook stop working, my Olympus StylusEpic stop working, my reliable Zenit is no more reliable ( broken ISO setting wheel ) and I’ve dropped my Zorki on floor ( it’s working, ufff ).
So now, i want to buy new ( not new, but used ) camera. In my list are FED2, Praktica B200 and Olympus OM-1 or just another Zenit 12XP ( I have lots of M42 lenses ).
So, the first, FED2 – very nice, reliable camera, i have some M39 lenses for it ( from FED5 and Zorki4K ) and friend of me have two FEDs, and i think, he can sell me one. This camera is famous of its quality and reliability, shutter speeds up to 1/500s is fine ( I know on my Zorki I have 1/1000 ). But in case if I will buy it, I will need universal viewfinder for wide and tele-lens. But I’m not much in viefinders, but i think, it isn’t complicated to convert from SLRfan to rangefinder-fan :-).

Next one, Praktica B200, it isn’t expensive, and it have thing what I want Automatic and fully manual mode ( on shutter speed dial is A, B and speeds from 1/2 – 1/1000 ) this spec is on Pentax ME Super too, but I like Praktica. Next thing is Praktica B-lens system, which isn’t too much common, and lens are more expensive than M39 or M42 lenses. And 90% of lens are made by Pentacon ( Praktica ) company, and i don’t much believe to this company.

Olympus OM-1 is famous of its very good image and build quality, it’s my favourite. Good solid camera, but quite expensive, and the OM-system lens too. Pros of OM-1 are very big view finder ( even bigger than on Praktica L2 – which is very good camera too – east-german version of OM ), big choice of ISO and shutter speeds.
I love the design of OM-1. But the price isn’t for me…

Another Zenit 12XP for small money? I loved my Zenit, i’ve took it everywhere, it was my everyday friend, very reliable, good image and build quality. I’ve sad was, my Zenit have got some issue on ISO selecting knob ( the little ball is missing, I’ve lose it, when the knob come off ) Good choice of M42 lens, I have choice from 52mm – 300mm. I really like the Zenit’s TTL system – two LEDs and that’s all. The sound of shutter in Zenit is legendary and i love it! It works with every film, only set the ISO and every picture will be correct exposed. With Zenit all my pictures was very nice – sharp and good exposed!!

So, what’s the end? Seriously, I don’t have much money, so i will buy Zenit 12XP for some Czech Crowns and later FED2…

written by sobiksaabik on 2012-02-25