Dream Date


I meet this guy long time ago while watching bands play in a bar. Well he asked for my number, we texted for a while and at that time he had a girlfriend so i didnt bother texting him after that. after a year, we crossed paths again online. We exchanged numbers and talked on the phone…. and as they say, the rest was history.

Credits: skyphos

I want to win 250 euros!!! Why?

We will be celebrating our 5th anniversary this november. Yes, 5 years of going steady.

I want to make it up to my boyfriend and treat him to a nice vacation. 250 euros will come a loooooong way… thats roughly 17,000 pesos :)

When things get tough, He is by my side. He is very supportive about my LOVE for lomography and anything film related. (he even bought me a sprocket rocket!)

He’s kinda stressed because of work so i think an out of town vacation will help him destress and have fun…

I want to visit one of most beautiful places in the Philippines… El Nido!

here’s the trip itinerary

day 1 – Flight from Manila to Puerto Princesa
Puerto Princesa to El Nido (van ride takes around 6 hours)
day 2 – island hopping tour with snorkeling (Pangalusian island, Snake Island,
Codugnon Cave, Cathedral Cave, Pinagbuyutan Island
day 3 – romantic sunset dinner
day 4 – lunch at corong corong beach
day 5 – ride back to Puerto Princesa
Flight from Puerto Princesa to Manila

here’s where i want to spend the 250 euros

60 euros – roundtrip plane tickets for two (Manila to Puerto Princesa v.v.)
35 euros – 2 way van ride for two (puerto princesa to el nido)
55 euros – hotel room for 4 nights 5 days accomodation
25 euros – romantic sunset dinner in a secluded island
25 euros – island hopping tour ( snorkling )
2 euros – ride to corong corong beach
8 euros – dinner at corong corong beach
20 euros – food
15 euros – 5 rolls of slide films
5 euros – film processing for 5 rolls


written by skyphos on 2011-08-21


  1. plasticpopsicle
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    One week in El Nido! <3

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    Ayiheee! Dit!!

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    bongga to girl!

  4. skyphos
    skyphos ·

    hihi thanks guys! :)

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