• Blow Bubble

    shared by shoujoai on 2012-05-17

    One blow bubble in the grass. Double Exposure with Bokeh.

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  • LC-A - Kodak Ektachrome E100SW - Cross

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  • B&W Blossoms

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  • I don't even know what I was running for - I…

    shared by wolkers on 2012-05-17

    Couldn't upload in high res. here... but you can see them on my blog ( I really like those photos.. even though I just got 8 photos of one film... you just shall not open the camera while shooting...

  • Film Swap with @weedos

    shared by mafiosa on 2012-05-18

    Thanks to @weedos for contributing to these pretty results in this redscale film swap. Check out out more of his photos here:

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  • Double with vitchudew

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  • Cape news.

    shared by neja on 2012-05-20

    The Japanese vessel, the Eihatsu Maru, ran aground at 05:15 on Saturday, 13th of May, in thick fog. We, obviously, decided to go and photograph it. on 18/05/2012 the 50m Japanese fishing vessel that ran aground off First Beach in Clifton has been removed.

  • Graphic Island

    shared by wil6ka on 2012-05-12

    Er ist für mich wirklich erstaunlich dieser Supergraphic HC. Ich habe verstanden, das ich mit ihm starke Kontraste festhalten kann, doch zuviel Licht sollte nicht im Spiel sein, dann kommt das Negativ komplett transparent daher. Und das passiert bei jedem Film mindestens einmal, und ich kratze meinen Kopf. Wenn man jedoch aus dem Schatten kommt, macht er ganz zauberhafte Dinge. Denn im Kontrast ist er sehr fein. Am ehesten kann man ihn vielleicht dann mit den 25 Iso Filmen von Agfa oder Maco vergleichen. Kodak hat ja auch einen Ektagraphic HC, ich persönlich hatte mal einen für 35mm in der Hand. Im Fotolabor sagte man mir, die waren früher für die Titel bei Diashows angedacht. Dabei hat man eine schwarze Schrift fotografiert, die dann als Negativ im Diarahmen, die Show eingeläutet hat. Hierbei ging es also um die Definition von Kontrast und nichts weiter. Ob es beim Supergraphic von Rollei genau darum ging, lkann ich mir nicht vorstellen. Warum würde man ihn dann in einem schmucken Holzkasten verticken. Und die Emulsion Ato ist mir auch von anderen Schwarz Weiß Filmen bekannt. Vielleicht ist es einfach ein Hybrid, der im Labor entstanden ist. So eine Ratte mit menschlichem Ohr auf den Rücken. Soll es ja geben...

  • spring with velvia 50 ... great film for a…

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  • Brighton Redscale

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    Brighton beach. I had to sit and wait for ages until those birds came into shot.

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  • Kids!

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  • Short trip to Scharendijke - Album 2

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    We went to Scharendijke in the Netherlands for a short vacation as every year. That became kind of a tradition in my girlfriend's family. An unexpectedly sunny weekend and a lot of fun!

  • Seafood dinner with this beautiful sunset~

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    XPRO Florals and Macros

  • My Little Cat Lucio

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    1 year old : )

  • Little Mermaid

    shared by sebastianerras on 2012-05-21

    Here some more images from my recent trip to Copenhagen. I stayed there for 6 days and had a fabulous time. I went to Nyhavn, to the Rosenborg Gardens, Christiania (taking photos there is prohibited, so I don't have so many images from there) and of course to the famous little mermaid. More images soon ;-) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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    XPRO Florals and Macros

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  • Testing new "pro" lab

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    They do such a bad job scanning this film!

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  • First Spring / Summer Shots!

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    Firts Picca's With my new Lubitell 166U and Diana F+ . It's Gonna be my second but Awesome LOMO-SUMAAH :)!

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  • Batu Night Spectacular

    shared by dreadlockboy on 2012-05-29

    Lomo adventure with my friend,and i forgot to bring another i took the night and MX with the day :)

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  • '12-05-464

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  • Aerochrome Magic

    shared by mafiosa on 2012-05-30

    These are my first Aerochrome photos. I used a red filter. Not quite how I thought they would turn out, but I still like them. Feel free to provide some advice if I am doing something wrong.

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    Shinjuku Gyoen Park, Tokyo

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  • Photoshoot with Erika

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    Had a blast taking photos of this girl, who is also a really talented musician. Yay for gardens and rivers and Lomo!

  • Dove modify

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    body camera : Dove lens : RICOH RX-60

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  • Princes' Islands and Kadikoy

    shared by sweetyyydreams on 2012-05-31

    "Your favorite lomograph rumble": This photo of my friend looking at the sunset in Istabnbul is among the 5 favorites I chose for the rumble.I just love how the photo looks, with just the silhouette of my friend's face and the beautiful colour of the sunset, and the strong vignetting. It feels peaceful, and it really was that day. Great memories of our Istanbul trip :)

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    Before, I tag this album with Lomography X Tungsten film. As I tidying my films and boxed them properly last weekend, I found out this film labelled Fuji RVP 100. So this is actually from a Fuji Velvia 100F. I sincerely apologise. It was an honest mistake. Thank you for those who like this picture.. Many of you are my idol. Thank you.

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  • Spring finally came to Stockholm at the beginning…

    shared by lazybuddha on 2012-06-05

    I cross process so much I almost forgot about E6 but I processed these 2 Kodak rolls in E6 and when i saw the colours I decided I'll hardly use CN film anymore, just use slide film and then decide whether to X-Pro or not. The last 2 shots in this album are CN and the colours just don't compare.

  • Random Lubi

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