What came to be a a tribute to my Diana

I had bought my Diana F+ a couple of days ago when I went out near 2010 Christmas eve. As usual my city spends millions in lights and I thought the lights and diferent patterns of the shadows they created would be an interesting shot so I went downtown expectant to get a few interesting shots.
I didn’t really know what to expect or how was the Positive Colours film respond to such poor light and I took the Diana manual for a quick reading on the subway on my way downtown.

When I reached the light issue, I searched in my bag for the Flash and I realized I had made a 30 minute trip for nothing, since long exposures were not an option when it started to rain cats and dogs. All I did was walk up the steps at the metro station, changed the exposure to bulb and waved my camera, went down the stairs and waited for the next subway to go back home.

Almost a month ago when I finally had money and went to get the developed film, my first analogue film with my first analogue camera I didn’t know what to expect and when I finally opened the little paper bag with the photos I realized the lab had messed up the photos and printed them with the left side to the right and vice-versa. I started complaining, this was my first film and that I thought they were professionals, that kind of a nervous breakdown… And then… I found this photo with a beautiful blue line almost has it had been writen, apologized for my rudness and went home. I sat on my bed looking at it and didn’t remember the place or situation in which I had shot that.

The next day, it was already night and I was going to meet with a friend on the café. I saw people on top of laders taking the Christmas decorations down from the street lamps I saw a big blue light ball on the back of a truck, on near the same subway station I went to photograph last time… Suddenly mistery was solved but I was so happy with this shot that I called it my Homage to Diana, my partner in crime!

Credits: skateandestroy

written by skateandestroy on 2011-03-26