Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

First test scans with the brand new Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner. These were taken with an iPhone 4s using the default camera app and photoshop for basic cropping.


  1. lichtschilder
    lichtschilder ·

    here comes the summer!

  2. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    great shot, and the scanning quality is better than I thought!

  3. sebavi
    sebavi ·

    i have the scanner at home, and i can get no where near this quality, using iphone 4, is the camera on the iphone 4 and the 4S THAT different?

  4. sixsixty
    sixsixty ·

    @sebavi well the iphone 4s does have a better camera, but I'm sure you'll still be able to get good results with the iphone 4. The only shots that I have been able to scan so far have been slide photos. I'm still waiting for them to release the app to try scanning color negatvies. i tried scanning a few color negatives and then adjusting them in photoshop and I was having a little bit of trouble with that. I'm hoping the app will be able t handle negatives easily.

  5. sebavi
    sebavi ·

    oh i see, i tried negatives, didn't turn out well for me, i'll have to wait for the app and hope for the best

  6. colethewalrus
    colethewalrus ·

    @sebavi I'm having the same troubles, so don't worry. I found that the photoshop app that was recommended for inverting negatives on the iPhone is terrible at really inverting. For now, I'm just taking them into photoshop on my computer and inverting them there. Hopefully the app will be really good with negatives.

  7. sebavi
    sebavi ·

    @colethewalrus yeah ive been trying that too and im getting som nice results now

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