New photos for my article: Lift your feet up!


Again winter time. So this is time do add new photos to my article – Enjoy!

Credits: mickeyfountainshop

Lift up your feet in Paris… lift up everywhere!

Credits: stereosonya, pam-stach, captain_mary, megzeazez, summsumm, becksiekate, ninalena, ddm, maryjane, lomofrue, vstephanie, gerda, liid6, jason-poff, lereile, ropi, friendsdan, rahela, aenea_brawne, die_steffi, wenlathestrange, alarm, michaelback, amymfisher21, kari_kakau, amira-bibawy, miedu, venusattack, guigo, aguigabriela, lomography, vollkornbrot, mayrarruiz, dasjules, sam_r, cidmo, lafuente, adnapm, strangerous, madc, hughh, katerina_pencova, neja, paulinetuesday, vlad1611, farbenmann, xabimetal_13, scarpace87, deaner, ang-adellepatricia, dorotanvotova, kylethefrench, sanapsara, z0ra, denisesanjose, misharashik, tiano, le_ors, jogintas, alightthatnevergoesout, ernymelissa, cacodzz, eddie_2k9, 150695, neels, legacy & faultycamera

Filmphotographyday masterpiece!

Credits: bloomchen

Wonderful legs and feet in a wonderful series:

Credits: chappelow

Even in a boat… lift your feet up!

Credits: frenchyfyl, ariannapaloma & onkel-m

Judo is fun!

Credits: deje

Basketball time!

Credits: savannahmay0596

Wonderful portraits… funny ideas!

Credits: iltabe

Show me your feet in this lovely, nice bath full of soap bubbles!

Credits: rafaelcoala

Super fun!

Credits: aristea

Super cute feet and nice tones!

Credits: ahben10

Lift your foot up, add a smile… and you will have a wonderful portrait like this one!

Credits: fufoo

Great series in a wonderful festival!

Credits: keek66

Lovely yellow/green tones!

Credits: starbala

A piece of art! Great idea!

Credits: maximum_b

Wonderful colors underwater!

Credits: wawasonico

Funny sequence!

Credits: barakalofi

Together is so fun!

Credits: karlijn

Great timing, great colors, masterpieces!

Credits: tommynorth

Show me your lovely soles in a nice and funny jump!

Credits: ohoska, orangejuicebox, asia_archive & scorpie

Or when you are swimming, in a genial use of the supersampler camera!

Credits: ishoxi

And again, in a funny upside-down!

Credits: lomography

Lift up your hands… and your feet too!

Credits: opheliaisme

Funny diptychs!

Credits: mailesmiley & shufflet

Nice curled foot!

Credits: jprswim

Great instant photo!

Credits: dida

Great point of view! And great b/w!

Credits: tall_bastard

Up toward the sky!

Credits: cruciothelights

and … down into the sea!

Credits: thrasbarg, skadinx, shi_mi, beni, barakalofi & alexedensmith

Feet up! it is diving time! Joyful photos!

Credits: lomographyparis

Even in winter… take off your shoes, throw away your socks, lift up your feet, and… take a photo!

Credits: pinterc

Climb up to the mountain pass… and lift your feet up toward the sky!

Credits: hakkety & urbansicc

Lovely colors!

Credits: jennson

Lift your soles up… and take a sunbath!

Credits: kostas & alaitzoleaga

Very nice feet, great detail!

Credits: alexander_krolikowski & djramsay

Nice green tones!

Credits: damiao_santana & fris

Great diptych, very fun!

Credits: ezgeey

Even in b/w with a nice light! Lift up your feet!

Credits: gergelypeter, natalieerachel, elesede, ug_a & agnesroger


Credits: randomcitizen, kaho152, crayfish, kylethefrench, sinser, ajaxattack & marusa_racic


Credits: olimpia-gomez, mmxi, crevans27, crayfish, sanapsara & modasentez

Nice backlight!

Credits: lomodustin


Credits: 199202

She is smiling, I’m sure!

Credits: langlaisben

Even in a rainy day… lift your feet up on your bed or on your sofa!

Credits: albeelee, alessandropaso & mrtso

Pretty smile and nice soles!

Credits: zarahkeepsbecky

Lift your SPROCKfeet ROCKET up!

Credits: endorphin & ccwu

Lift up your feet in your room!

Credits: ivileturia, gartenstadt, quintavius, satomi, tabuk, _haustor, nelemson, ma-riechen & faaabii

Cold water?

Credits: quintavius

Even in a park, lift your soles up!

Again in a park, in a timeless b/w series!

Credits: parnold827

And again in a park! Upside down is fun!

Credits: tiano

And… underwater is better!

Credits: biondapiccola, derrickpeters, kylethefrench, curlyjem, photoshope, eloisee, pearlmsqueaks & selina-p

And, with many friend, is wonderful!

Credits: eastmoe

Others nice underwater!

Credits: encarneviva & qlamerand

Show me your soles… using a fisheye! Fun and colorful!

Credits: lostlittlekid

Nice colors for nice legs in a nice experiment!

Credits: saskiaboer

Funny fisheye!

Credits: thomasstephen

Even with the help of your friends… lift your feet up!

Credits: smilinggoose & mrmaart

Lift your soles up… and rotate your photo!

Credits: sacagrapas

Even in a car… show your feet lifted up!

Credits: la_churri, applegem, weaver, ibrayoussef, yonosoydeaqui, jeabzz, hybriddoll & munz

Lift your feet up… and read!

Credits: dakadev_pui

Summertime b/w!

Credits: dmigor

… and summertime in color!

Credits: unearthedangel

Great idea in a portrait!

Credits: amapola_sophie

Hold your position!

Credits: adrienne-is, natalieerachel & claudialarocca

Great pole dance series!

Credits: halfawakehaiku

Supersampler time!

Credits: whitecorp

A gymn exercise showing funny big soles!

Credits: kikkerbun

Lift your feet up… in a multiple exposure!

Credits: vtotheici

Great light here!

Credits: chamielicious

More photos will be added in the future! Happy feet!

written by sirio174 on 2014-01-16


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    Deleted for error and republished now ;)

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    Really great article with such amazing photos! And I'm feeling flattered that my photo has also been used here! :)

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    Thanks! great photos ♥