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  • o Kombi Escolar (Brazil #42)

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    It was the best assignment this year thus far. I was asked to portrait a few Brazilian owners of Volkswagen buses in Rio and it went down so awesome. On my last years trip I met Bea, a Brazilian translator in Germany. She was back in Rio for the duartion of my 5 days trip so I hired her as a stringer and translator. She made the contact to Rosa, a powerful woman driving a school bus through a tough naighbourhood of Rio. We spend a day together with her an her kids and once in a while i took out my camera...

  • wedding invited

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  • Fishing

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    Leaky Cosina CSR and Konica vx200, expired more than a decade ago.

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  • macro

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  • papercraft

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    Foto des Tages (23 oct. 2015) :-)

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  • Travel Stories: Yongma Land, Abandoned Park by singleelderly

    2015-07-28 #places
    Travel Stories: Yongma Land, Abandoned Park by singleelderly

    Seoul is a modern city. Everything looks new and shiny. Even traditional architecture are renovated to look very neat and tidy! It's enjoyable. Yet... are there any abandoned places there?

  • Dopo lo splattering

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    Giochi di fine anno in una scuola di Como. Quel che resta sul muro (protetto da un telo) dopo il gioco dello splattering, in cui alcune ragazze sono state coperte di vernice colorata.

  • Frankfurt

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    Spring in Frankfurt 2015. Diana F+ Glass Lens, Lomo CN 400.

  • Hamburg - Elbe

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    Fort de Joux, near of Pontarlier

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    Tested this unknown film I bought at and called Kromium 500....


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    Thanks @horaciorv for shooting! - Thanks Bikram Yoga Center Barquillo (Madrid)!

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    shared by adi_totp on 2013-11-24 . He is mister Vespa himself. Call him Arief and check out his brilliant lomohome. Gotta love this classic LC-A shots! Here, some classic silhouette by Lubitel+. Urbanity+!

  • Diablitomx is our LomoHome of the Day!

    written by Eunice Abique on 2015-07-07
    Diablitomx is our LomoHome of the Day!

    From everyone here in Lomography, congratulations to diablitomx for winning Home of the Day!

  • E' carnevale anche per me!

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    Il carnevale degli animali (Como, Piazza Cavour).

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  • Mommy's Little Helper

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    I finally tried out my Ciro-Flex Using some Fomapan 100, and I like the combo! I really need to get some filters for B&W work some day.

  • *

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    Spinner Motorizer & Konica Centuria 200 expired - has anybody an idea, from what the stripes are??!

  • Sakura Time

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    also in Prague :)

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  • Just Wanna Get Close To You...With The LC-WIde

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    Just Wanna Get Close To You...With The LC-WIde

    I was engaging in my routine "stumble upon" of LomoHomes and Lomographs and happened upon a bunch of awesome portraits taken with the LC-Wide, which is of course the ultimate portrait snapper owing to its super wide-angle lens and close focus zone. I felt as though I was being stared right at - a case of the observer becoming the observed! Here's a collection of my favorite portraits (either people, animal, or a mythological hybrid of the two) found in and among your LomoHomes.

  • Diana Mini Spring Gallery

    written by cruzron on 2010-03-10 #news
    Diana Mini Spring Gallery

    It's Spring time once again and the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and everybody is shooting!

  • Fuji Pro 400H, 120mm: Fidelity and Realism

    written by jesushp on 2011-09-20 #gear
    Fuji Pro 400H, 120mm: Fidelity and Realism

    I will never forget the first analogue film I used. The Diana+ had just arrived and I wanted to shoot with a film that guaranteed quality and lifelike results. Back then I knew nothing about Lomography, cross-processing, multiple exposures or anything experimental. I was just looking for realism. The chosen film was Fuji Pro 400H.

  • 玻璃與塑膠鏡頭之對決 - Diana Premium Glass Lens / Plastic Lens / Holga 120GN

    written by singleelderly on 2014-02-13 #gear
    玻璃與塑膠鏡頭之對決 - Diana Premium Glass Lens / Plastic Lens / Holga 120GN

    Diana F+ 一向以矇矓美著稱,全因她那夢幻般的塑膠鏡頭。她的「好友」 Holga 很久以前已推出了玻璃鏡頭版本,久候多時, Diana 終於推出玻璃鏡頭 Diana Premium Glass Lens 了,當然要試試看效果如何!

  • double tower

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    This is the first test roll of the expired Kodak VPL C-41 film that my good friend Arturo sent to me. He had this in his freezer since 1998 so it's still looks very viable. This was exposed for 100 ISO in the Belair and then cross processed in E-6 chemistry. He had instructed me to expose for 100 then xpro and also push two stops to achieve what he calls his "comic book skin effect" but I wanted to start slow with this. (He used to be a top notch artistic nude photographer)

  • comfortable

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  • easy in the morning sun

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    When I went visiting Isabel in Budapest she spent most of the days working and I didn't have many chances to take pics of her. So we decided to wake up earlier in the morning and to go to our favourite places when the city was still asleep. Those were very beautiful moments because we felt like nobody else could bother or interrupt us, as we were king and queen of the city. I had some issues with the focus in some shots, but I kinda like the outcome anyhow.

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    first lubi tryouts near home with my dear friend Francesca and my dog, Gwen, on a beautiful summer late afternoon

  • ... one more time

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    session inspired by david lachapelle photoshoot for rollingstone's 1999 cover story

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    This is a collection of my favourite street shots. I like to take pictures of people when they don't look at me or to capture everyday moments