• Through Berlin with Jakob Hein: the Literary Stages

    2011-09-13 #places
    Through Berlin with Jakob Hein: the Literary Stages

    A writer and a doctor, Jakob Hein has written numerous novels as well as the "Gebrauchsanweisung für Berlin" (Berlin User Guide). At the legendary "Kaffee Burger", this dynamic Berliner was the co-founder of the "Heim und Welt" reading stage, where he was been reading his texts every Sunday for around 13 years.

  • LomoTour Berlin: Berlin's Fleamarkets

    2011-08-12 #places
    LomoTour Berlin: Berlin's Fleamarkets

    In other cities, you never know what to do on Sundays. In Berlin there is the Mauerpark, the Boxi, and the Arkonaplatz. There’s always something going on here that’s worth checking out.

  • Klaus & Ulli Famira's Berlin-Tips

    2011-08-10 #places
    Klaus & Ulli Famira's Berlin-Tips

    Especially for the Berlin City Guide, Klaus & Ulli Famira show their favourite spots in town. Klaus shot from the hip with his first Lomo in 1993 whilst studying in New York. Since then he's always got it with him. As the envoy of the Austrian Foreign Ministry, he lives together with Ulli, a business economist, in Charlottenburg.

  • Through Berlin with Anais Dupuis & Alexandra Vial: Street Art

    2011-07-27 #places
    Through Berlin with Anais Dupuis & Alexandra Vial: Street Art

    These two adopted Berliners, Anais Dupuis and Alexandra Vial, are originally from Paris and have been shaking up the city's art and street-art scenes since 2007. They report on them in their blog,, and here they show us some of the best spots to spot fine street art.

  • Through Berlin with Clara Moto: at the Maybachufer

    2011-07-27 #places
    Through Berlin with Clara Moto: at the Maybachufer

    As an electronic musician and DJane, Clara has seen some of the best clubs in the world. Born in Austria, she now lives in Berlin Kreuzberg and is currently working on her second studio album. Here she shows us her favourite spots at the Maybachufer

  • LomoTour Berlin: Kreuzberg Thrills

    2011-07-26 #places
    LomoTour Berlin: Kreuzberg Thrills

    Around the Kottbusser Tor and Görlitzer Train Station are so many bars that you could spend weeks moving from one to another without getting bored. If you only have one night in Kreuzberg, then why not give the LomoTour of Kreuzberg a whirl!

  • LomoTour Berlin: Rambazamba in Neukölln

    2011-07-26 #places
    LomoTour Berlin: Rambazamba in Neukölln

    In the area of Neukölln that borders Kreuzberg, sometimes known as Kreuzkölln, clubs and bars have sprung up like mushrooms. Nowhere else is better to hop from bar to bar as in Reuterkiez and in and around Weserstraße.

  • Berlin's Dog Salons

    2011-07-26 #places
    Berlin's Dog Salons

    As a filmmaker, Anina has an eye for the extraordinary. This quickly drew her into the extensive scene of Berlin dog salons, where she realized how most of the time, the dogs and the owners look very similar. For this reason, she does not own a dog herself.

  • Through Berlin with Uslu Airlines: Torstraße and Kreuzberg

    2011-07-25 #places
    Through Berlin with Uslu Airlines: Torstraße and Kreuzberg

    Feride Uslu and Jan Mihm are the two founders of the luxury cosmetics brand Uslu Airlines. After 10 years in New York, they moved to Berlin where they drive the airports of the world from their cockpit above the roofs of Torstraße. Here they show us what Torstraße in Berlin-Mitte and Kreuzberg have to offer.

  • Through Berlin with Ron Eichhorn: Tiergarten, Ebertbrücke and Schloßbrücke

    2011-07-25 #places
    Through Berlin with Ron Eichhorn: Tiergarten, Ebertbrücke and Schloßbrücke

    As an in-demand filmmaker, Ron travels around the world: sometimes he films in China, then in South Africa, finding time in between to meditate at a Zen temple in Hawaii. However, his adopted home remains to be Berlin, where he lives in the beautiful Tiergarten district. Here he shows us his favourite spots.

  • Best of Berlin Rumble ended - the City Guide Berlin goes on

    written by severin on 2010-11-02 #news
    Best of Berlin Rumble ended - the City Guide Berlin goes on

    The Best of Berlin Rumble ended yesterday. Thank you everyone for your submissions! The Lomography City Guide is now entering phase 2: until 1st of December we're still accepting Berlin LomoLocation submissions. The best entries will be - just like the submissions for the rumble - featured in the Lomography City Guide Berlin. If you're among the lucky ones fame, fortune and piggy points will be yours!

  • Best of Berlin Rumble Week 3 Winners

    written by severin on 2010-10-26 #places
    Best of Berlin Rumble Week 3 Winners

    We are happy to announce three new weekly winners of the Best of Berlin Rumble! This week experimental blurs and double exposures grasped our attention. The competition is on for six more days and the best pictures will receive fame and fortune by being published in the Lomography City Guide Berlin!

  • Best of Berlin Rumble Week 2 Winners

    written by severin on 2010-10-19 #news
    Best of Berlin Rumble Week 2 Winners

    Youpidou! More and more photos are finding their way into the Best of Berlin rumble. Here we go with the three winners of week two.

  • The Lomography City Guide hits Berlin

    written by severin on 2010-10-15 #news
    The Lomography City Guide hits Berlin

    Since two weeks all we're talking about here in the Lomography Gallery Store Berlin is the making of the Lomography City Guide Berlin. The whole month of October is dedicated to the city guide in the making with workshops, parties and secret missions (yet to come) taking place to dive deep into Berlin with our lomographic cameras. Our mission: to take as many breathtaking Lomographs and submit as many LomoLocations as possible to create the best city guide ever, the Lomography City Guide Berlin!

  • Dianalogue Preview

    written by severin on 2008-09-25 #news
    Dianalogue Preview

    The colette x Lomography Dianalogue competition has been running for a week now. We've received some really nice submissions so far, from which we would like to share one with you. Don't forget to submit your own "through a woman's lens" Dianalogue before the 7th October deadline! <br/>

  • News from the Arctic

    written by severin on 2008-06-18 #news #people
    News from the Arctic

    Who remembers stouf? Most of you should, as this dude - known among the scientific let's-take-a-boat-trip-to-the-arctic community as Stéphane T.s - won the 1000th LomoLocation contest. He submitted a plethora of neat images from his last trip to the Canadian Arctic and absolutely convinced our contest jury.

  • TV tip: Fred Lebain on ARTE

    written by severin on 2008-06-02 #news

    Who remembers Fred Lebain? This Paris-based photographer is well known amongst Lomographers for his fabulous <i>Mes vacances avec Holga</i> photo book. Last week I accidentally stumbled across a TV program called "Künstler Hautnah/l'art et la manière" on French/German TV-channel ARTE. The program was dedicated to Fred Lebain; in a 25 minute feature you get an insight into his work and life - including the work on "Mes vacances avec Holga", the photobook "Irasshaimase" on Japan where he used mostly cross-processed photos, and a recent project on still-life photography with chocolate-covered objects. Definitely recommendable to anyone interested in creative analogue photography (that should be you)!

  • Multilens rumble over and out

    written by severin on 2008-05-26 #news
    Multilens rumble over and out

    Hey Lomographers,

  • Lomography and Situationism

    written by severin on 2008-05-23 #news #people
    Lomography and Situationism

    Herr Eddy Peters, a dutch lomographer and student of comparative arts & cultural science at Radboud University, Nijmegen, recently finished an essay on Lomography and Situationism and kindly sent it to us.

  • Stadionbad (Vienna)

    written by severin on 2008-05-09 #places
    Stadionbad (Vienna)

    One of my favorite summer locations in Vienna, the Stadionbad is located in the heart of Vienna's Prater. Be sure to drop by this amazing swimming area under the blue sky, including 4 or 5 pools, lots of trees and green, a real wave-simulator and most importantly amazing Lomographic objects: right here the center of young proletarian-Austrian bathing culture is at home.

  • Stadthallenbad (Vienna)

    written by severin on 2008-05-09 #places
    Stadthallenbad (Vienna)

    Alright, so I like to swim. Actually I prefer doing it outside, but what do you wanna do in cold cold winter? RRRight, hitting the Stadthallenbad. It`s deadly cheap (2,50 day card for students) and also, like the Stadionbad in summer, an amazing Austrian socio-cultural frying pan.

  • Anywhere in Vienna,tall_building

    written by severin on 2008-05-09 #places
    Anywhere in Vienna,tall_building

    Wherever you go and want to have a real view of the city you're visiting, you gotta check out the roof of a building. In Vienna, I recommend you to get into preferably old houses, mount up to the highest floor and check out if there is a little door or ladder that goes up to the rooftop.....

  • Neues Institutsgebäude NIG

    written by severin on 2008-05-09 #places
    Neues Institutsgebäude NIG

    If you`re into late 70's asbest-architecture, this is the place for you. Some clear instructions: enter this University building preferably in the evening when there are no more lazy students around. Have a 50 cent coffee at one of the automats. Say hi to one of the people lying around there. Go to the entrance hall again and get ready for an unforgettable adventure! Step into the grand PATERNOSTER elevator (this thing is made out of wood and goes up and down with crazy mechanics) and occupy yourself by reading the students paroles for vegan food. Get transported to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floor and do not descend. When you`re reaching the 5th floor, a sign (see image) will tell you to get the hell off the elevator. The sign somehow signifies that horrible things may happen. But you`ll stay and become a hero. Hold your plastic cup tight. Catch your last breath. Load your camera and take some pictures of your awestruck face. Nuff said, you`ll see for yourself, my friend!

  • Food market at Barbés

    written by severin on 2008-05-09 #places
    Food market at Barbés

    If you`re in Paris for a longer time, there`s no way getting round the markets here. My favourite market is the one at Barb`s every Saturday and Wednesday, a magic place where delicious fruits and vegetables, orientalic marketing strategies and dirt are somehow mixed into a tasty cocktail. Be sure to go there between 1 and 2 on the afternoon for supercheapo offers (2 kilo 1 euro yeah!). Also check out the other stuff they sell and have a look at the electric glittering womens underwear from Syria. On your way back home, be sure to go by TATI on the corner and have some converse shoes for 10 eurobucks. There are lots of wedding shops with unforgettable shoe designs for men and women too. If you want to take pictures on the market, be sure to do it secretely (special hip shot mission) or to ask very