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  • deedee_photog

    804 Photos · joined 2009-07-06

    Happy film days! =) Some of my favorite subjects to photograph are animals (especially pets), my family, everyday things, and places I visit. I like (almost) all cameras and film. ;-) POTD Aug. 8, …

  • blackcoffeeandtantrum

    9,982 Photos · joined 2010-05-21
    blackcoffeeandtantrum || I'm Louie, from the Philippines. I've been having fun with my LC-A+ since October 2009. But my first camera was a Holga 120 CFN. Life has been differ …

  • mrmex

    1,399 Photos · joined 2011-03-21

    Aside from analogue photography I love fresh coffee, diving, warm weather and good food. -- --

  • cyanwater

    2,360 Photos · joined 2008-05-22

    C is for cindy, cyanwater, cameras, computer and coffee. Catch me at, and

  • leisuresuit

    21,674 Photos · joined 2020-06-12

    Film and Digital photographer. I like film film is the king. I develop my own film and scan it. I love collecting cameras and Vinyl. I love my dogs, so you will see many photos of them. Check out a …

  • steeveephoto

    283 Photos · joined 2018-10-17

    Creative Photographer, Cake Lover & Coffee Afficionado. Shooting a mixture of Landscapes, Portraits & Nudes on Film & Digital. I've been Photographing things that interest me for nearly 30 years …

  • alex_kush

    1,003 Photos · joined 2018-04-10

    🤳 Follow me on (I will follow back) ☕ Happy to meet you for a coffee! (London) My cameras: Praktika MTL 5B Samsung ECX1 ЛОМО ЛК-А Olympus MJU-II …

  • nural

    25,066 Photos · joined 2009-06-12

    I love analog photography, coffee with milk, Converse shoes, getting tattoos, listening to music, vacations and anything purple... From Istanbul, Turkey, currently living in Turku, Finland. More o …

  • iamsosha

    1,989 Photos · joined 2021-09-19

    Now in Tbilisi, Georgia 💙💛 I develop and scan my film at home LomoHome of the Day August 4, 2022 Photo of the Day June 13, 2023 https://www.lomograph …

  • grazie

    8,360 Photos · joined 2010-03-10

    film, cameras, ramen, train rides, croissant, weekends, street, the desert, moments, dark chocolate, good coffee, the ocean, more film, more cameras, more moments....currently in Prague :) Been a …

  • mczoum

    246 Photos · joined 2011-05-26

    Majored in International Law (Paris U), passionate about German Philosophy; History (My father and I have a collection of over 8000 book); French and Russian Classic Litterature; International Poetr …

  • corentinschieb

    351 Photos · joined 2015-12-05

    Corentin Schieb is a 29 years old French photographer and director based in Nantes, France. His photographs focus on capturing his encounters and wanderings, wether on his daily life at home or d …

  • aciano

    4,164 Photos · joined 2019-03-03

    Urban planner from Moscow, love coffee, cats and trams, shoot film, explore Russia. Want comments more than likes :) Adrenaline Junkies 2020 winner: …

  • mmxi

    1,818 Photos · joined 2011-01-02

    I left Ukraine in 2022, seven days before the russian invasion started. Currently staying in the Netherlands, loving your photos and sharing mine, one Snap at a time. One of the TEN AND ONE 2016 …

  • ethermoon

    8,085 Photos · joined 2008-06-02

    Born under the sign of Libra. Here are some of my few interests — and hopefully, we have something in common: cats, analog cameras, coffee, and anime/manga. You can follow my Instagram: @_tjsrveaz

  • recurving

    1,272 Photos · joined 2008-01-18

    Hi, my name is Markus and I work here trying to make this website a nice place. I like coffee, concerts, cinema and photography. Feel free to drop me a message for questions, bug reports or any rand …

  • solinvictus

    3,085 Photos · joined 2020-12-31

    aut viam inveniam aut faciam tibi! | "I shall either find a way or make one!" main bodies 135 | rollei rolleiflex sl35 + asahi pentax spotmatic spII + nikomat el main bodies 120 | meopta flexaret …

  • ciuffo

    597 Photos · joined 2020-10-04

    Currently in Sweden 🇸🇪🇸🇪 Hi everyone, Laura here! Coffee addicted, nature lover and recently film photographer :) Mostly shooting with my Canon AE, …

  • freckleface

    374 Photos · joined 2010-08-20

    Hi I'm Brazilian/Austrian, born in Germany, and living in the States now. I love to travel whenever possible, and recently am now the one always with the camera :) Some of my favorite combination …

  • abcdefuck

    2,255 Photos · joined 2008-07-21

    edit 2024: hey! i really enjoyed spening time here. <3 since more of my close friends use instagram, i post photos there: _ i am maks, a 20-year old boy from th …