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  • kojotisko

    2,417 Photos · joined 2014-07-22

    Worker in small e-waste recycling plant. Amateur philosopher, amateur photographer, semi-professional writer, professional Coyote. Interests: Philosophy, reading, writing, watching movies, cats, c …

  • szabss3

    1,053 Photos · joined 2017-11-11

    Hey Guys, this is Szabi from Budapest, Hungary. Broadening my analog horizon since 2017, and currently on the road of self-realisation. I'm most interested in the ordinary that surrounds us, and I'm …

  • beabop

    798 Photos · joined 2016-10-26

    Guardian of Lomography wholesale stuffs for the UK & Ireland. I love cats.

  • kinny

    594 Photos · joined 2014-07-04

    Cats, unicorns, bubbles and glitters lover (and also tattoos and horror movies...)

  • ofchanceandchoice

    8,728 Photos · joined 2020-10-14

    a touch of physics, a drop of chemistry, a whole lot of passion... just like love, except on film • @makethisadouble • • …

  • sinema

    1,052 Photos · joined 2014-05-25

    An interior architect, in love with analogue photography. Started this adventure with Diana mini few years ago and can't seem to stop! Loves nature and to travel, also loves cats! And dreaming of th …

  • santorinihippie

    1,018 Photos · joined 2010-09-30

    Favorite subjects: cats, ceilings, sunsets, nature, people, music, festivals. In addition to my "shelf" below, I've got a Polaroid One. I occasionally like old disposables as well. PS. Thanks to …

  • poglad

    2,431 Photos · joined 2015-07-16

    My interests include: Amateur radio, M. R. James, Gavin Maxwell, reading, walking, Lomography and 3D stereoscopic photos, Christianity, Scots Gaelic, bass guitar, bagpipes, cats. Carol Rumble 2nd …

  • plasticpopsicle

    2,391 Photos · joined 2009-09-02

    Travel Editor for Whattaroll Magazine. A visual person, caffeine junkie, writer, photographer, part-time traveler, and striving crafter from Manila, Philippines. I love cats, books, film photography …

  • aciano

    4,164 Photos · joined 2019-03-03

    Urban planner from Moscow, love coffee, cats and trams, shoot film, explore Russia. Want comments more than likes :) Adrenaline Junkies 2020 winner: …

  • avasselman

    845 Photos · joined 2022-06-08

    Hey there. I like to make photos. I like to make photos with whatever camera is on hand. I like to make photos most with film cameras. I spend most of my time with Rachel and my cats so many of …

  • monoton-minimal

    757 Photos · joined 2011-03-10

    My name is Lara and I'm a German psychology student. I'm into photography - especially Lomography - for a couple of years and within the years I built up a nice little collection of different analo …

  • ethermoon

    8,085 Photos · joined 2008-06-02

    Born under the sign of Libra. Here are some of my few interests — and hopefully, we have something in common: cats, analog cameras, coffee, and anime/manga. You can follow my Instagram: @_tjsrveaz

  • kiteflyin

    967 Photos · joined 2010-01-16

    This is for fun. I like taking pictures of cats, my sister, and attempting to take pictures of my friends.

  • cryve

    890 Photos · joined 2010-03-08

    my Twitter account : cryve (let me know that you came from the lomohome!) Hi there everyone!! i'm a japanese Lomographer since last year. often takes cats and nature photographs. please take …

  • mupplo

    775 Photos · joined 2009-03-29

    My name is Christian, I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I work as a project manager / web developer / graphic designer. I now own 13 cameras, Lomo LC-A+, Holga, Fisheye, Yashica Electro GSN, Diana Mini, …

  • filby

    2,801 Photos · joined 2008-12-27

    I love long exposure LC-A, bright xprocess and cats.I also love my wife. Cameras include Olympus Mju II, Zeiss Ikon, and homemade Matchbox pinhole.

  • juliagulia

    1,262 Photos · joined 2009-05-12

    I am a lomomotive law student I like... ...trees, flowers, seashells, cats, dogs, mirrors, colors, music, volleyball, markets, sunset, castles, snowboarding, sweet smells, cookies, shoes, coffee, …

  • pattyequalsawesome

    1,108 Photos · joined 2009-07-13

    HELLO! I'm Patty :) Originally from Manila, PH. I like chocolates, hugs and beautiful things. I'm fond of cute cats, to-do lists, notebooks and peppermint tea. I think Jesus …

  • dazb

    296 Photos · joined 2008-12-07

    I like taking photos of #cats. You can see my photos of other things at and follow me on if you want :) --- LHOTD: 11 August 2009. POTD: 21 Se …