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  • shelleybelley

    330 Photos · joined 2013-07-28

    capturing life through analogue cameras! :)

  • pinang

    460 Photos · joined 2022-11-12

  • onlinekiwi

    1,116 Photos · joined 2011-08-19

    I discovered lomography in 2011 and it's quickly become an obsession - I'm hoping my skill catches up soon.

  • pigwoods

    1,139 Photos · joined 2011-07-16

    Elementary school Pupil Middle School Student College Student Overseas Student University Lecturer I wanna be a big looser ..............

  • odax

    343 Photos · joined 2011-04-06

    The cameras that I use are : Recesky TLR, Pentax P30, Agfa Clack, Agfa Silette, Holga 135BC, 4M Pinhole, and a home-made pinhole camera that I named Chompy. Also, check out my band (I'm the bassi …

  • pim_g

    1,289 Photos · joined 2010-08-10

    Spent a year abroad living in Barcelona in 2011. Now a 3rd year at Victoria University Wellington. Trip booked to Nepal and South East Asia at the end 2014!

  • ohlordy

    2,928 Photos · joined 2012-10-17

    different colours, different shades. over each mistakes were made, i took the blame.

  • mlester

    451 Photos · joined 2016-11-03

    Exi(s)led. Bronica ETRSi (6x4.5) Zenzanon MC 50mm f2.8 Zenzanon EII 75mm f2.8 Canon 9000f mark ii _________ Features: ♦ "Does Your Camera Define Who You Are …

  • adam_g2000

    2,375 Photos · joined 2011-10-21

    An English Scrum Master living in Auckland New Zealand with partner and family. I got back into Analogue photography after 8 or 9 years. Colour and light have always fascinated me, and are my bigges …

  • realim

    565 Photos · joined 2023-03-24

    My Street photography website: Project Parallel - An Auckland - Amsterdam analog project: International Lomo Home of the …

  • chipztah

    688 Photos · joined 2012-12-25

    Hobbies come and go. For me Photography is not just a hobby but a passion. A passion to seek constantly the beauty around us and within us. Life is an amazing adventure and we all have the chance to …

  • terinayue

    367 Photos · joined 2022-03-30

    💗Ins: t.yufilm 🌻YU Film Live in Auckland NZ Olympus Om-1n Canon prima AS-1 LEICA M7

  • stezmatic

    1,411 Photos · joined 2008-11-01

    Live Music and Film Photographer based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara. All images © Stella Gardiner.

  • lizkoppert

    9,610 Photos · joined 2016-03-25
    lizkoppert Backer on: Lom …

  • amytam

    1,189 Photos · joined 2009-12-04

    Amateur photographer. It's amazing how much fun a plastic camera can provide

  • pattyequalsawesome

    1,108 Photos · joined 2009-07-13

    HELLO! I'm Patty :) Originally from Manila, PH. I like chocolates, hugs and beautiful things. I'm fond of cute cats, to-do lists, notebooks and peppermint tea. I think Jesus …

  • kiri-girl

    997 Photos · joined 2011-04-13

    Just a girl from New Zealand who loves Bad ass cameras.

  • andrus_n

    2,793 Photos · joined 2011-06-20

    welcome to my home:-) Started with lomo in May 2011, now having a big stock of cameras. At least for me, but luv them all.

  • hburgess

    1,104 Photos · joined 2010-10-26

    My Lubitel 2 is my one true love .

  • lomodesbro

    3,314 Photos · joined 2008-10-14

    I stay close to home and keep an eye on our wonderful south coast and city of Wellington. " Coolest little capital in the world." Lonely Planet. 6th Edition. also follow me at fotografiaotworkow …