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  • fridolin88

    452 Photos · joined 2017-03-24

    Shooting together with @mors_sulum - it might happen that we appear on each-others photos ;) engaged_in_(art)work_and_life Instagram: #I_REFUSE_TO_EDIT …

  • z-borsos

    1,299 Photos · joined 2016-03-12

    Hey! I'm Zoltán Borsos. Thank you all for your support! ^^ Lomography Magazine articles: Monochrome Moments on Instant Film - Photo Stories: Hiking Instant Series - https: …

  • papa-attila

    1,083 Photos · joined 2022-06-24

  • pet_raja

    500 Photos · joined 2017-04-29

    Living and shooting in Budapest. :3 HU/DE/EN/RO Real sucker for B&W and double exposures.

  • bajtam

    1,426 Photos · joined 2016-01-03

    The camera is always an essential part of my bag, I carry it wherever my road takes me. The goal of my photography to entertain myself, but I am opened to share with anyone who is interested in. Che …

  • uwelgp

    486 Photos · joined 2023-03-07

  • rudikmz

    586 Photos · joined 2019-08-09

    I've been taking photos from an early age, in the beginning digital, but soon discovered film photography thanks to my father who gave me his lovely old Zenit when I was 13. I collect and shoot with …

  • fatimefatime

    839 Photos · joined 2021-10-06

  • mors_sulum

    2,122 Photos · joined 2017-03-24

    @fridolin88 is who I take pictures with. Thank you for all the likes, really appreciate all the good feedback 😊 Gracias para todos los likes, agradezco a todos los buenos comentarios. Viele …

  • arostova

    1,057 Photos · joined 2022-11-23

  • andreapiovanni

    288 Photos · joined 2014-02-16

    Canon ae-1, Budapest, Rome, Somlóvásárhely follow on instagram :

  • lagia

    970 Photos · joined 2016-04-01

  • slmmjsfkk

    650 Photos · joined 2023-06-22


  • szzs

    2,730 Photos · joined 2010-04-12

    Everything started with my father's Zenit-E. Now I have more than ten cameras and I'm emulsion addict.

  • szabss3

    1,053 Photos · joined 2017-11-11

    Hey Guys, this is Szabi from Budapest, Hungary. Broadening my analog horizon since 2017, and currently on the road of self-realisation. I'm most interested in the ordinary that surrounds us, and I'm …

  • somafoto

    251 Photos · joined 2020-12-08

    Photographer "Seeing is not enough; you have to feel what you photograph." (Andre Kertesz)

  • szutsgabor

    467 Photos · joined 2013-02-06

    I started to do film photography at 2008 with my family's old Zenit 12XP camera. Nowdays i have several film cameras, some old russian lomos and few nikon SLRs and also a Pentacon SIX. That six is m …

  • szedrobert

    252 Photos · joined 2021-05-07

    Current Cameras: Canon AE-1 Canon EOS 650 Canon EOS 300 Canon EOS 10 Canon Sure Shot Supreme Canon Suer Shot Sleek Yashica Mat Zenit ET FED 2 AGAT 18K

  • adriaan

    323 Photos · joined 2021-11-05

    C A M E R A S :       F I L M S : Asahi Pentax SuperA    Euro Print 100 [135] Asahi Pentax K2       Euro Print 400 [135] KMZ Zenit B        Fomapan 100 [120] KMZ Zorki 4        Fortecolor SP 100 …

  • peter35mm

    533 Photos · joined 2021-02-19

    Based in Budapest Nikon F5, Canon A-1, Fed2, Fuji Tiara, Pentax 6x7